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Sri Rejith Kumar, hailing from Thrissur, Kerala, was a youth like who lived a usual life until the year 2003. On the day of his 30th birthday, Lord Muruga gave him darshan via a dream, indicating that he would be under the patronage of Lord himself, from the age of 31.

 He was directed to execute a set of duties to the material world. It was an astonishing experience indeed!

 Later in 2004, on his 32nd birthday, the dream darshan from the Lord recurred, for further guidance.

 What began as dream visitation initially later became regular darshans by the Lord himself, along with Maharshi Bhogarnath- the journey has forged a strong divine and spiritual bond spanning a period of 12 years now. All these, incognito, without being known to society, until recently.

 The divine task was to prepare Rejithji for a weighty spiritual task for permeating the Lord's message in the mortal world.

As per Lord Muruga's instruction, to fulfill his delegated duties for Muruga Yugam, Sri. Rejith Kumar has started a new organisation

Rejith ji do not ask people to join or leave the movement, he truly believes lord Muruga brings in the crowd and refuses to take any credit. With humility, he tells that lord has helped him identify a very few people who are crucial for this movement. He is being very careful not to turn the limelights on himself, as he believes every ounce of attention should go to lord Muruga and his messages alone.

All those who believe in this mission are hearty welcomed to join in this organisation. People from India, Sri Lanka, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East can be the members of this mission. Lord Muruga suggested London as the centre point for this.

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To Join this mission

  1. Registration is free.
  2. All those who are ready to do the assigned duties and responsibilities for the success of this mission are only required to register the names.


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Sri. Rejith Kumar performs healing for health related issues, performs Pancha Bhootha pooja for Business improvements. He also performs weekly meditation, every sunday to spread spiritual energy to the members. He is doing it as a service with the blessing of Muruga Peruman.

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Sri. Rejith Interview

Sri. Rejith Kumar has given interview to prominent media channels like Vendhar TV and ATBC Radio Channel, Australia to share his mission objectives and messages he received from Lord Muruga.

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Lord Shiva

This Mission is Protected by Lord Shiva

Bharat Mata
Sulochana AmmaDuring the Bharat Parikrama, Sri Rejith Kumar got a beautiful vision of his mother standing with Mahadev in a very mysterious place in the Himalayas.