About Sri. Rejith Kumar
Article by: Kamala

Rejith Kumar

This government employee is unlike your run of the mill god-man. Although, he is considered as guru by many, Rejith Kumar, 43, father of two, do not consider himself guru or god-man. Hailing from a small town in Trissur, Kerala is managed to grab attention of many, especially the temple trustees of Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple, Palani. This Keralite a soft spoken staunch Lord Muruga devotee has managed to grab media attention for his stupendous spiritual work. Rejith Kumar without much ado, is spearheading a spiritual movement centered on Lord Muruga. It is his ability to decipher messages received from Lord Muruga in his meditations makes him stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Two personal tragedies changed the course of his life. Sudden passing of his father in 1991 made him an atheist, and in 1995 his younger brother’s sudden death. Although, a practicing atheist now, he could not find a closure, the sudden demise of his brother made no sense to him. He took his late brother’s horoscope with him to see the best astrologer in town to seek answers. The astrologer after carefully reading the horoscope informed Rejith what he needed to hear and also added that a lot of prayers would have helped his brother. That was the moment of truth for him, the guilt was overwhelming and he immediately reverted to a wonted theist.

It was a dream on his 28th birthday that laid the first stepping stone of this movement. In the dream, blob of white light declared that he will come under Muruga’s protection when he is 30 to carry out spiritual assignments. The cryptic dream kept him curious. He and his friend visited Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple, Palani, for the first time. The curiosity peaked when he hit 30 in 2003. After his engagement, on a random night, he experienced his first sleep paralysis. In the dream, Lord Muruga appeared as a cherubic toddler asked me to repeat after him.

He narrates that incident to me; That night I experienced sleep paralysis. I saw lord Muruga as a small child standing next to me and requested that I repeat after him. He repeated the same mantra thrice and i repeated after him. Although, I do not remember that mantra, but this memory is still fresh in my mind even though many years have rolled by.

It was not until 2004 that he started having a volley of dreams about Lord Muruga and siddhars. Muruga would assign him a task to complete, and he would complete it with great diligence. Some of the tasks needed extensive traveling both nationally and internationally. Although getting leave from work for his spiritual escapades were not easy, he barely managed. This taught him to be more efficient at work and ever since then he keeps no backlogs. He has managed the perfect balance act between his work and spiritual duties, and managed to gain his supervisors confidence and trust. He is grateful that his family, which comprises his wife-a government school teacher, two daughters in middle school and a mother are cooperative and demand very little personal time. Although, he wishes to have more family time, but it is exigency that must be carried out for the well being of human kind.

One of his very first assignment after his induction into this movement was to perform 21 days of observances of rules that included meditation at Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple, Palani. This praxis is to bring out all secrets that surround the presiding deity’s idol at the temple, and other siddhars secret works. The temple authorities were kind enough and gave him special access to the sacred sanctorum to meditate. Due to personal reasons, he could not complete the 21 days observances, after his 18th day at palani, he came back to his hometown. Little did he know then that it would take 12 whole years to complete the 21-day observance. It was here, that he received his first message in his meditation.

After completing his remaining 3 days of 21 days penance that started in 2007, at the Palani temple, this April, he was instructed to start a new organization called Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom, marking the new spiritual era guided by Lord Muruga and siddhars. This is also an indication of revival of ancient Mars civilization. So far as is known that Bogar created two navapashanam idols and one dasapashanam idol. Both navapashanam idols are at the Palani hills. Dasapashanam idol is at Poombarai located in the heart of the Palani hills of Tamil Nadu, India, 18 kilometers from Kodaikanal. The first of two navapashanam idol is the one we see at sacred sanctorum, the other is hidden from public. It is kept hidden and when complete mayhem breaks out, the energy from the second navapashanam will help in bringing peace and will drive people towards bhakthi marga (Spiritual Path). The dasapashanam idol at Thiru Muruga temple in Poombarai is packed with information. One or more than one ingredients that went into making this idol has connections to Mars. The information and other uses are hidden in the mountains. This information is vital to mars explorers. Pashanam mean poison. Bogar combined poisonous herbs in such a way that it loses its toxicity and turns into an antidote.

In the year 2007, he got direction from Mahavatar Babaji to visit Kathirkamam, Sri lanka. He visited and prayed there, and again in 2016, he visited Kathirkamam. As per Rejith Kumar, in this Muruga Yugam, each siddhar has been assigned with specific duty by Lord Muruga. For Babaji, the assigned duty is World Peace. As per the information revealed by Lord Muruga, The power of Babaji landed in a secret place in Japan. Rejith Kumar would be visiting that place in Japan on May 1st, 2018 to perform the prayers.

In Lion Mayura Royal kingdom, Lion represent Lord Narasimha who is the caretaker of Mars, and Mayura represents Kumarikandam or Lemuria continent. Martians had a trading relationship with people of Kumarikandam. Not just trading, they even shared knowledge. Lord Narasimha has an important role to play in reviving life forms in Mars. Rejith’s information on Mars and Kumarikandam or Lemuria continent are eerie similar to the information shared by Boris Kipriyanovich aka ‘Boy from the Mars’. Both believe their was a civilization that was in contact with the people of Kumarikandam. Rejith going one step further tells me that in coming days scientists will discover water in Mars in a place that has some reference to Lion. Rejith has never met Boris Kipriyanovich and hopes to meet someday.

Kumarikandam, the lost continent continues to house a stash of ancient Vedic knowledge. The swastika is originated from this continent. This continent was once a rich Tamil nation and people who lived were technically very advanced, says Rejith. Swastika is made of two parts The ’S’ looking half in swastika represents Karthikai star or Pleiades constellation. The other half of the swastika represents Saptarishi Mandala or Big Dipper constellation. There are many dimensions in this universe and people live within these dimension they are known as ‘swastika related time travelers’, and there are time travel portals all over the world. Salisbury hills in the UK is one of the portals. Here Sage Agastya installed an yantra and Lord Garuda is the guardian of Swastika symbol, adds Rejith.

The first message after legally establishing Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom organization was to exchange knowledge with the swastika related time travelers. For this Rejith was asked to perform two tasks; first, he had to get a fistful of sand from Kathirkama Temple in Sri Lanka and bring it to one of the portals in England, place the sand on surface of the portal and to meditate there. Second, he has to build a throne for Lord Muruga and place his padarakshuka (Sandals) representing his arrival. Rejith plans to build a temple for this purpose with the help of Lord Muruga devotees in London and around the world. When this is established, the power of lord Muruga will spread in ripples. London plays a pivotal rule in this movement as this is where the ‘0’ GMT exists. For time Travelers this is very important. All the people in this organization are protected by Lord Shiva.

Some of his other memorable tasks since his induction in 2004 are visiting and seeking the blessings of Puncha-Butham or five elements. For this he travelled both nationally and internationally. He travelled China and Russia to get the blessings of Earth and sky, respectively. Rameshwaram, Thiruchendur and Paravathamalai for fire, water and air/ether respectively. It was in Paravathamalai that he started Bogar Jayanthi, making it a popular event in Palani, This year it fell on the 24th of May. Not just him, but all those who travelled with him were overwhelmed by the mystical experiences.

The other interesting and quite memorable one was trip to a Buddhist Temple in Thailand. There he received a picture of ferocious looking Lord Muruga. As per divine’s instructions, he should share it only with those who are in decision making capacity, like politicians and administrators. This photo should be shared only with Muruga approved people and they should worship it in secret with a secret mantra. Every day he gets unsolicited calls from politicians and businessmen alike for the photo and ready to pay huge sums for it, which he promptly declines. And those who are in possession of this photo, have positively elevated in their respective fields. The recipients of the photo have a spiritual duties assigned.

There are many hair raising moments like meeting Yacub siddhar in Azhagar hills in Madurai, who descended from sky and touched him to recent experience where, a woman saint more like Mother Mary help him touch the yantra installed by sage Agastiyar in Salisbury hills. England. Rejith plans on penning his experiences into book some day. In spite of his tight work schedule, he manages to receive messages from the divinities and share them with all the likeminded people. Performing these duties with utmost sincerely has been his top priority. People reach out to Rejith Kumar for solutions for their problems, spiritual guidance or for mere curiosity. The crowd has increased by many folds after his debut TV appearance in one of the popular Tamil Television Network, which aired as four 30-minutes episode last April. He is unaffected by the sudden popularity and continues to remain grounded. He do not ask people to join or leave the movement, he truly believes Lord Muruga brings in the crowd and refuses to take any credit. With humility, he tells me that lord has helped him identify a very few people who are crucial for this movement. He is being very careful not to turn the limelights on himself, as he believes every ounce of attention should go to lord Muruga and his messages alone.

Rejith has simple motto in life; respond only to positive things. He do not dwell on any sort of negativity or criticism. His standard line has been; Everything is happening per his plans with Muruga’s blessings.