About Sri. Rejith Kumar
Article by: Smt. Soumya

Rejith Kumar

Shri Rejith Kumar hailing from Thrissur in Kerala, India is a person who chose to turn the most challenging experiences in his life into an inner quest for answers. In 1991, he lost his father at the young age of 18. The intense angst he felt towards God turned him into an atheist. When he lost his younger brother soon after, in 1995, it created an immense emotional upheaval in him. This time he was determined to find answers. When an astrologer told him that his prayers could have saved the life of his younger brother, it felt like a searing flame within him and turned him towards the Divine. He by now had come to realise the presence of an invisible force guiding the events of his life and that it is to God he should turn, to understand the unexplainable.

At the age of 28, Shri Rejith Kumar had a dream when Muruga Peruman appeared in the form of a light and revealed that he would come under his direct protection at the age of 30. As foretold at the age of 30, Shri Rejith Kumar went through a life-changing experience one night as he was preparing to go to sleep. He found he could not move his limbs though he was completely aware of all that was happening around him, a condition similar to sleep paralysis. He suddenly realised a beautiful young child standing next to his bed and smiling benevolently at him. It was Lord Muruga in His divine Bala Dhandayuthapani form. Lord Muruga asked him not to be perturbed and revealed to him that he was Arumuga and gave him a mantra upadesham by whispering it in his ear thrice. After two years, Shri Rejith Kumarbegan to receive messages from Muruga Peruman while meditating through visions. One of his significant visions was in 2005 at the age of 32 when Muruga Peruman showed him where Bogar Samadhi and the second Navapashana Moorthy of Muruga Peruman were located.

He was directed by Muruga Peruman to visit several spiritual places to receive the special energies of the Pancha Bhootha (five elements), Swastika energy, Mother Tao energy, Sapta Rishi Mandalam (Big Dipper) energies and the Karthika cluster or (Pleiadian) energies as these would be beneficial in performing his duties.

In the month of December 2012, on an auspicious Shasti day, Shri Rejith Kumar had a profound divine experience when he was standing near the entrance of his home. An ethereal voice seemed to emanate from him which informed him that ‘Muruga Peruman arriving in Raja Kola Alankaram!’ He felt an invisible force push his chin upwards towards the sky and had a glorious darshan of Muruga Peruman in the form of light. This vision received by Shri Rejith Kumar foretold of a very significant energy shift in human history as it was indicative of Muruga Peruman being at the helm of the world’s affairs for the next 2000 years. It was further revealed to him that the Karthigai or Pleiadian energies that had once flowed during the First Tamil Sangam period have returned to flow once again in the New Muruga Yugam to spiritually transform Mother Earth. After this significant divine experience, Muruga Peruman began to directly appear to Shri Rejith Kumar as a form of light to communicate with him.

The divine insights and blessings given by Muruga Peruman and Siddhas like Agasthiyar, Bogar Siddhar, Yacub Siddhar, Maha Avatar Babaji have led him to travel to many energy points and perform special prayers to release specific energies essential for Muruga Yugam. Some of these places include - The Mac Ritchie Reservoir (Singapore), Blue Mountains and Lion Island (Australia), Silbury Hills and Dragon Hills (U. K), Khamrin Khiid (Mongolia), China, Russia, Bhutan, Bali, Japan, Thailand, Kathirkamam (Sri Lanka), Aivar Malai, Anjaneyar Malai, Kanivadi Hills, Poombarai, and Ujjain (India).

Apart from traveling to various places to carry out his divine tasks, he has been performing other dutiessincerely for the welfare of humanity as a service under Muruga Peruman’s direction and guidance. These include:

Shri Rejith Kumar was directed by Muruga Peruman to share his spiritual journey only in the year 2015. The world first came to know abouthim through the ‘Moondravathu Kann’ programof Vendhar Channel. He has sincethen given interviews through various media channels both internationally as well as in India such as the Australian Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (ATBC) Radio Channel and Thayagam Radio Channel in Australia, Tatwamayi and Siddhar Bhoomi Digital Media Channels.


In the year 2017, he was directed to start a mission called the Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom (LMRK) which would serve as a global platform to carry out the divine duties assigned by Muruga Peruman in the Muruga Yugam. These tasks would enable the relevant energies required to usher in the Muruga Yugam and help re-establish the ties between Earth and Mars as they had once been during the ancient Kumari Kandam period. The name of the mission was given to Shri Rejith Kumar by Muruga Peruman Himself. ‘Lion’ represents ‘Lord Lakshmi Narasimhar and Mars’ and ‘Mayura’ represents ‘Muruga Peruman and Kumari Kandam’.

How is LMRK different from other spiritual organisations?

The uniqueness of this organization is that this mission is run only as per the divine directions given by Muruga Peruman to Shri Rejith Kumar. The LMRK members though located globally in different countries come together as one team to carry out the divine duties assigned by Muruga Peruman to Shri Rejith Kumar. As instructed by Muruga Peruman Shri Rejith Kumar plays the role of a captain and fosters brotherhood amongst the members of the LMRK mission guiding them in their spiritual as well as material progress. He was further instructed by Muruga Peruman not to promote or advertise about the mission. Muruga Peruman has revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that souls having Karthigai or Pleiadian energies would automatically be drawn to the mission as they are the ancient Kumari Kandam souls who have taken birth in this lifetime to carry out their divine duties. It is significant to note that more than 1000 members from all walks of life in 15 countries have come together for this sacred cause.

When was LMRK formed?

On the auspicious day of Shasti on 01-May-17, LMRK the global mission was founded as a trust having its registered headquarters in Thrissur. A special pooja was performed in Valli Sunai at the Pazhani temple complex, to begin the LMRK mission with Muruga Peruman’s blessings.

LMRK’S First Divine Duty – Mayura Simhasana Pradishta

On 09-May-17, the LMRK Mission was assigned its first divine task by Muruga Peruman i. e. the pradishta of the Holy Thiruvadi and Vel on the Mayura Simhasanam at Zero Time Zone in Wales, (U.K.) as the energies relevant to the Muruga Yugam begins at Zero. Muruga Peruman further revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that this is symbolic of the beginning of His reign and that on the completion of this divine duty His Divine energies would spread all over the world.

LMRK’S Second Divine Duty – Switzerland Pradishta

The second and most recent duty given to the LMRK Mission is the Pradishta of Muruga Peruman and Sri Anjaneyar in Switzerland. This was revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar by Muruga Peruman during his visit to the Shambala Point in the Khamrin Khiid Monastery (Gobi Desert, Mongolia) on 30-Mar-19. LMRK Members came forward as one family and recently successfully conducted the ‘Pazhani-Switzerland Selva Thiruvizha’ in a grand manner as per the instructions of Muruga Peruman and under the guidance of Shri Rejith Kumar on the auspiciousday of Maha Shivarathiri on 21-Feb-20. Special poojas were conducted at Anjaneyar Malai, Aivar Malai followed by a festive Giri Valam around the Pazhani Malai at night. This was to honour the Moorthies before They were sent for Their pradishta in Switzerland.

The pradishta took place successfully on 12-Apr-20 under the guidance and protection of Muruga Peruman at the ‘Animamundi Cultural Center’ in Worb, Switzerland at exactly 12.00 AM (Zero Time) to signify the avatarhood of Muruga Peruman as Kulandhai Velayudha Swamy. As per the divine revelation given to Shri Rejith Kumar – Muruga Peruman has chosen to appear in the Navapashana form to signify healing for the world and also to move it to a state of financial prosperity by manifesting positive changes in the Global Monetary System. The Pradishta, which falls on Easter Day, also is a day which commemorates the ‘International Human Space Flight Day’. The significance of its connection to the mission will be known in the future. Muruga Peruman has further revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that all those who help in the carrying out of this divine duty will receive abundant Kumari Kandam energies. This will enable them to progress well both spiritually as well as materially.

Om Saravana Bhavaya Namaha