Revelations of Muruga Peruman in the New Muruga Yugam

Muruga Peruman has been giving messages and revelations to Shri Rejith which are directly relevant to us in the New Muruga Yugam. It is important to know and understand these because they signify the underlying ground work which is being prepared to help humanity raise its spiritual awareness and help people to receive guidance from Muruga Peruman Himself in this Yugam. The revelations given by Muruga Peruman to Shri Rejith have been classified as follows:

  1. Each Siddhar has been assigned a specific duty in the New Yugam - The New Muruga Yugam is to last for the next two thousand years. Muruga Peruman has revealed to Shri Rejith; that he has arrived to protect the world during this period with the help of Siddhars; who have each been, assigned a unique responsibility. For example: Nandi Devar has been made responsible for World Politics and Maha Avatar Babaji for World peace. Those who are from a political background can benefit by worshipping Nandi Devar and getting his blessings. As per Shri Rejith the Jalikattu Movement in Tamil Nadu was indicative of Nandi Devar's commencement of duties on earth.
  2. Bogar Siddhar and Lao Tsu - Muruga Peruman has disclosed to Shri Rejith that Bogar Siddhar and Lao Tsu are one and the same. Shri Rejith could experience this during his visit to Singapore. Lao Tsu is the founder of Taoism. Taoism is based on the Ying-Yang principle, where Lord Shiva's energies are worshipped as the Pancha bhootha (5 elements) and Mother Sakthi’s energies are worshipped as Mother Tao.
  3. Power of Ugra Murugan - In the year 2015, as directed by Muruga Peruman, Shri Rejith visited Thailand, where he received a mystical picture of Muruga Peruman, having very high vibrations. Sri Rejith states that this picture will give the energy for the New Muruga Yugam. It will benefit politicians and people of power immensely when they have it with them. This will be given to them only after receiving permission from Muruga Peruman.
  4. Significance of Swastika - The Swastika symbol is one of the most ancient symbols in the world; with its origin from the Kumari Kandam period. The two lines of Swastika symbol, represent the Pleiades (Karthika) Star energies and Saptha Rishi Mandalam (Big Dipper) energies respectively. Both these constellations are the most powerful energies in the Milky Way. The balance of both these constellations is very crucial and significant for the Universe and this can be found in the Swastika. This makes the Swastika a very powerful symbol.

    Shri Rejith from his experience states that receiving the Swastika energies has helped him relate to different time zones. Thus, making time travel possible.

  5. Northern Star Mothers - The beginning and end of this universe is at the center point of the Swastik. This power is known as “Lord Shiva”. He pervades over the entire cosmos in a formless state. The Siddhars consider Lord Shiva as the Supreme Soul and Lord Muruga as their Guru.

    Lord Shiva represents the essence of the Divine Masculine in the center point of the Swastika and the Northern Star (Mother Adhi Parasakthi) represents the Divine Feminine. The Mothers of those children who contributed significantly to the welfare of the world have the divine energy of the Northern Stars in them. The Mother of Lord Hanuman, Aadi Shankaracharya and the Mothers of Divine souls who led other religions have the Northern Star energies within them. The children who were born of the Shiva-Sakthi energies came from the center point of Swastika. They spiritually uplifted the world and led humanity.

  6. Significance of the Mac Ritchie Reservoir - Shinto shrine, Mac Ritchie Reservoir in Singapore possesses the energies of Swastika Center Point, Pancha bhootha and Mother Tao. Pancha bhootha energy is Lord Shiva's energy and Mother Tao is Divine Mother Shakthi's energy. Shri Rejith says, that the Shiva-Sakthi energies are fully present here at Swastika center point, in the Mac Ritchie Reservoir, Singapore.

    During his meditation here, Shri Rejith received healing powers and the ability to advance people spiritually. He states that the Mac Ritchie Reservoir would soon come to be known as a sacred place.

  7. Significance of the Australian Visit - Muruga Peruman has revealed to Shri Rejith that Australia is an important place in the New Muruga Yugam and has made some disclosures in this regard. They are
    • Australia was once part of Kumari Kandam where the epic battle between Muruga Peruman and the Asura King Surapadman took place. The impression of Muruga Peruman's Holy Feet can be found here.
    • Australian soil contains the power of Kumari Kandam. The soil here has a direct connection with the Karthika Star.
    • The Karthika Star cluster energy otherwise known as the Pleadian energies is present especially in Blue Mountain, Australia.
    • Kariong in New South Wales, was a place where ancient Egyptians once lived. It is a place possessing high energies which are useful for 'Time Travel'.
    • Lion Island at New South Wales, Australia, holds information regarding Kumari Kandam. Shri Rejith has requested the people of Australia to go to Blue Mountain and meditate on 'Om Saravana Bhavaya Namaha'. He says that this will bring progress in material as well as spiritual life.
  8. Kumari Kandam and Mars Relationship - Muruga Peruman through Shri Rejith has conveyed several startling insights relating to the ancient Kumari Kandam and its close relationship with Mars. They are:
    • There was life on Mars during the period when Kumari Kandam existed on earth and that they were in contact.
    • Kumari Kandam and Mars are closely related like Shiva - Sakthi energies or the Ying and Yang energies.
    • Lord Lakshmi Narshimar’s blessings will be essential for knowing secrets about Mars.
    • 'Water’ can be found on Mars near a lion like formation i.e. (hill, rock or cave).
    • Humans can acclimatize to living on Mars by using the ingredients of Dashapashanam. The idol at Poombarai Murugan Temple is made of Dashapashanam. This ingredient will be helpful in for research in studying the feasibility of living on Mars. Shri Rejith further states that he can support and provide further details required for the research with the help of Muruga Peruman.
    • ’Mars Day’ is to be celebrated on the 9th of August every year by wearing clothes which are red and blue in colour.
    • ‘Kumari Kandam Day’ is to be celebrated on the Soora Samaharam Day every year to venerate our Kumari Kandam ancestors. Other Revelations
    • Muruga Yantra installed by Saint Agasthiyar is at Silbury Hills near London.
    • Dragon Hill at UK is considered to be a gateway to the other world.
    • The sand present in Kathirgamam, Sri Lanka, is not from earth but from outer space.
    • Anjaneyar Hill is abundant with Karthika Star energy, Shri Rejith states that it will come to be known as a sacred place soon.


Shri Rejith was given permission by Muruga Peruman in the year 2013, to serve humanity by:

Shri Rejith is a true representative of Divinity at work. He has been working tirelessly, with a pure spirit of service; out of a deep love for Muruga Peruman. We are indeed blessed to work for Muruga Peruman through LMRK and who better than Shri Rejith to show us the way forward.

Om Saravanabhavaya Namaha!!