Significance Of Chanting Om Saravana Bhavaya Namaha

A Mantra is that which uplifts one’s soul by repetition. Most Mantras are prefixed with ‘OM’, the primordial sound. ‘Om’ also known as the seed mantra signifies the four states of human consciousness. They are: (1) the Awakened state (2) Dream state (3) Deep sleep state and (4) Thuriya (Pure Consciousness State). Thuriya state is the Consciousness that pervades all aspects of our life and represents the Infinite Supreme One.

‘Nama Smaran’ (Chanting of the Divine name) and ‘Nama Sankeertan’ (Singing about Divinity) are two of the easiest ways to reach God and attain salvation.

The mantra can be chanted verbally or mentally. This is called as ‘Japa’. As the practice evolves, one will experience the essence of the mantra staying within them all the time. A feeling of bliss or contentment will pervade at all levels. This constant awareness is Ajapa-Japa of the mantra.

Maha Mantra for Lord Muruga

According to the Kantha Puranam written by Kachiappar Sivachariar, Lord Shiva narrated to His beloved Divine Consort Goddess Parvathi thus “Lord Muruga has been born of the sparks from My Divine eyes. As He gained a definite form in the Saravana Poigai (lake), He will be known as ‘Saravanan’. He is none other than Me. He will also be omnipresent. He can take any form and He will protect all those who surrender unto Him. My Panchakshara (Five Syllables – Na Ma Si Va Ya) and the Taraka Mantra (Om) have united to become Shadakshara (Om Sa Ra Va Na Bha Va) for Him”.

Agastya Siddhar, who mastered this mantra, revealed the significance of the mantra " Om Saravana Bhavaya Namaha " thus:

It is significant to note, that in this New Muruga Yugam, Muruga Peruman through Shri Rejith Kumar has reiterated the importance of this mantra. Shri Rejith leads the meditation of this mantra globally every Sunday at (10.00-10.15) am (Indian Standard Time). He states that the chanting of this mantra will help us to directly tap the Karthika Star or Pleiadean Energies.

Chanting ‘Om Saravana Bhavaya Namaha’ is like making a direct telephone call to Lord Muruga. This will automatically invoke His grace and will improve our lives both at a worldly as well as at a spiritual level. It will help us to discern and establish in our consciousness that we are all divine beings in a human form.

Om Saravanabhavaya Namaha!!