Muruga Peruman’s Divine Assurance To Protect The World

The Muruga Yugam has begun! With the world concerned about its future and spiritual seekers all over the world ardently searching for a reprieve, Muruga Peruman chose a symbolic way to tell us that He Himself had arrived to protect the world and be at the helm of its affairs. It was through the Mayura Simhasanam. He has come to help us purify our minds and lead us into a higher consciousness by which we would live more meaningful lives.

In March 2017, He revealed to Shri Rejith, his chosen divine instrument, that a Mayura Simhasanam with His ‘Thiru Padham’ (Holy Feet) placed on it should be installed at Zero Point and that this would activate powerful divine energies crucial to the New Muruga Yugam.

Significance of pradishta at Wales, United Kingdom

The first important task of LMRK is the pradishta of the Mayura Simhasanam at Wales, United Kingdom. It must be noted that the time zone relevant to the New Muruga Yugam is at Zero point. According to Muruga Peruman the pradishta of the Mayura Simhasanam at Zero point will unleash many beneficial miracles all over the world. The Pradishta of the Mayura Simhasanam is to take place at the ‘Thanthondri Anjaneyar Temple’ at Wales on the 14th of November 2018 the very next day after the Soora Samharam day.

Om Saravanabhavaya Namaha!