Excerpts from the speech of Sri. Rejith Kumar on 30-Sep-2017 at Chennai

  1. Om Saravanabhavaya Namaha - This is the powerful mantra for this yuga. In this Muruga yuga, energy from Karthika star comes to the earth in abundance. This mantra helps to receive the Karthika Star energy. This mantra should be chanted atleast 9 times a day to realise the postive change in our life.
  2. I am a normal person, not to be considered as a Guru. I have been selected by Lord Muruga to fulfill certain duties for Muruga Yugam. In this Muruga yugam, there will be increase in Lord Muruga worship throughout the world, secrets of Kumari Kandam (Lemuria) would be revealed and people will realize the power of Tamil civilization when the hidden knowledge comes out.
  3. It was in 2002, when I was 28 years old. I got a dream from Lord Muruga that I would come under the protection of him from my 30th age.
  4. At the age of 30, one day around 9.30-10 PM, I have experienced sleep paralysis and I could not able to move my body. I could realise Lord Muruga appeared as a small boy standing next to me, called my name and asked to repeat a mantra for 3 times. He recited a mantra three times and I repeated it after him. I have no recollection of the mantra as such, I just remember lip syncing. After this, there were lot of changes in my life.
  5. In 2005, I got a dream, where I saw the second Navabhashana idol of Pazhani hidden in a cave present in Pazhani hill. This was informed to temple administration and I started to observe 21 days of fasting at Pazhani hill. After 18 days, I was told to return to home, by Lord Muruga.
  6. After that, I got dream to visit several places/hills usually of spiritual interests, which also includes the places where Bhogar worshipped. I went and offered prayers at those places. This is to receive various spiritual energies.
  7. I got a message that Muruga Yugam has started from 2013 and there are duties to fulfill for Muruga Yugam. Then only, I came to know about Kumari Kandam.
  8. Until 2015, I did not have permission to reveal my spiritual journey to the world.
  9. Last year, I was part of a program on Vendhar TV to reveal these messages. Initially, it was planned for one episode. But considering the importance of this message, it went upto 4 episodes.
  10. On May 1, I performed prayer at Pazhani and started a new spiritual organization as "Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom". Lion corresponds to Lord Narasimhar and related to Mars; Mayura corresponds to Lord Muruga and related to Kumari Kandam. The main aim of this organization is to fulfill the duties related to Muruga Yugam, which are closely connected with Mars and Kumari Kandam.
  11. Several ages back, developed civilization lived in Kumari Kandam, Tamil originated in Kumari Kandam. At the same time, Life was there at Mars. Both got destroyed simultaneously.
  12. Now, several secrets related to Kumari Kandam are being revealed in Earth and at the same time life is starting in Mars Planet. I got a message that there is water in Mars, in a place that has some reference to Lion.
  13. The murugan idol at Poombarai Murugan Temple is made of Dasabhashanam. I got a message that one or more ingredients of Dasabhashanam can be used for survival in Mars. It needs to be researched to see how it could be used.
  14. Swastika has originated from Kumari Kandam. The one line of Swastika indicates Karthika star energy (Pleiades) and the other line indicates Big Dipper (Saptha Rishi Mandalam). The universe being balanced by Karthika star energy & Big Dipper.
  15. There are several dimensions in this universe. People who receives Swastika energy can see and connect with people from different dimensions (Time Travel). Muruga Peruman blessing is needed to receive Swastika Energy. I was made to travel to several places, just to receive swastika energy.
  16. There are 3 main duties to be performed
    • Mayura Simhasana to be installed at London and worshipped with Murugan Padham kept on the simhasanam. London being the start of the time zone (zero time zone). Praying at London, would help spreading the energy throughout the world
    • Naga Subramanya Idol to be kept in London. We have already sent Naga Subramanya idol to London. The connection between Earth and Nagaloga is similar to connection between a normal family and their Kuladevata. When life started in earth, people from Nagaloga came to earth to provide guidance. Pathanjali is one such example and he is from Naga loga. To get blessings of Nagaloga, Naga Subramanya idol to be kept and worshipped at Zero time zone.
    • There is a place in Singapore, Shinto Shrine (in a forest), which possess the power of Pancha Bhootha Shiva Perumal in a single place. This is in Shiva Roopa. Sakthi Roopa is Mother Tao. Taoism is a chinese religion founded by Lao Tzu (who is a incarnation of Bhogar in China). Swastika Center place has the power of both Shiva and Shakthi. This place has the energy of Swastika Center point and this place should develop as a religious center. When I visited Singapore, two months back, I met with President of Taoist Federation and Hindu Endowment board. I have informed the significance of this place. They are very interested to learn about this.
  17. There is a place in Australia, named Blue Mountain. During the period of Kumari Kandam, there was a war led by Muruga Peruman happened at that place. Muruga Peruman feet has touched that place. We need to perform pooja with Murugan Padham at this place, before installing in London.
  18. I am planning to visit that place in Australia, during this year Soora Samharam and perform the pooja with Murugan Padham. After this, we need to plan for Mayura Simhasanam.
  19. We will get more such duties in the future. With Muruga Peruman blessings, my journey is all about fulfilling these duties.
  20. I will not advertise these things and also will not lure anyone to join this mission. These are being planned by Lord Murugan. People will join at the right time to perform these duties. There are lot of people in the world, who are destined to perform these duties and they will automatically realise and connect with us at the right time.
  21. Only thing, I can say is, if your intuition says to do certain activity for this mission. Please do so. This is a opportunity given by Muruga Peruman. Thank you.

Questions from the followers:

  1. When was people lived in Mars?
    People lived in Mars during the period when Kumari Kandam existed. Both got destroyed at the same time. I cannot exactly say when it happened. Some of those people moved to different time zone (dimension). Only with Swastik energy, we would be able to contact them. I have been asked to visit several Swastik energy point places to receive that energy. There are few places with Swastik energy in earth, some places are Ivar Malai, Anjaneyar Malai near Pazhani, similarly there are several places in the world.
  2. There is a warning of impending Natural Disaster in India? Did you get any messages related to that?
    I have been hearing from so many channelers that there is a impending disaster in the new yugam. But till this point, I have not received any such messages from Muruga Peruman. I have not received any negative messages so far, Whatever messages I have received, is of positive nature only.
  3. How can we get Muruga Peruman blessings to progress in spiritual path?
    You can chant "Om Saravanabhavaya Namaha". Its a initial phase, this will help to get right guru for your spiritual journey. You need to be patient and it will happen only step by step. I started in 2002 and it took 15 years to reach a stage, where I can talk here.
  4. I get some thoughts to perform something for e.g. goto a temple, I am not sure whether its a normal thought or is it something god is asking me to do so? How to distinguish whether its a message from god or its a normal thought?
    In the spiritual path, at the first step, we normally get these kind of confusion. As you progress, your character will develop. You will gain experience to understand the truth.
  5. Is it possible to pray Muruga on the impending disaster being predicted by others?
    I have not received any message from Lord Muruga on the disaster. I will definitely act, when I get such messages. We can pray Lord Muruga to seek the solution. However, these kind of messages should come automatically from Muruga Peruman. Our mind should be in clean slate, when we receive spiritual messages. If we keep something in mind based on what we read or other thoughts, we will not be able to receive properly. I normally try to get the message in clear state of mind. It should be handled in careful manner. I will definitely inform, if I get any such messages.
  6. How to identify Guru?
    Pray and serve Lord Muruga with dedication. It will help to get right Guru. However, Guru is not mandatory. Guru is a guide which can be of any form, even a book can also act as a guru. As far as I am concerned, I can be your friend or brother, I do not consider myself as Guru yet, and nor it is sanctioned by Muruga peruman.
  7. Currently we are facing unstable political situation in Tamilnadu? When will it resolve?
    As far as this yugam is concerned, Nandi Devar is in-charge for Political Field. His energy has landed here, that is the indication of Jallikattu protest. All these happenings are as per Siddhars direction, these turmoil will resolve soon and the power will go to the right person.
  8. You have said about time travelling and you did prayers in important energy places? Is it for Knowledge sharing with people from Mars?
    There are 2 places which act as portal/gateway for another dimension. Dragon hill in UK is a gateway for another dimension. Initially, several years back, I was instructed by Muruga Peruman to goto Kathirkamam and get some sand from that place. When I went to UK recently, I was told to keep that Kathirkamam sand in Dragon hill and perform pooja. There is another mystic place in UK named Silbury hill, where sage Agathiyar installed Muruga Yantra. These are the places where we can receive Swastik Energy, which helps to connect to people from different dimension to identify the hidden secrets. There are lot of hidden secrets in the world, in the meditation, i get the secret code from Muruga Peruman to open certain secret, i concentrate harder on that code, to get the next secret code, this goes on and on, to identify and activate the secret. I have visited several places to activate that secret and its associated energy.
  9. You have felt Lord Murugan's energy? Can we also feel the Muruga Peruman energy directly?
    Till 2013, I used to get Muruga Peruman messages through dreams only. But after 2013, I started receiving direct messages from Murugan. I have seen Muruga Peruman as a light blog several times. In Bhagavat Gita, Krishna Bhagavan gave power to Arjuna, before showing his Viswaroopa. Similarly, Muruga Peruman is of high energy and difficult to realise that energy as a normal person. Even, whatever I have seen is a fraction of that energy, which I got to see after spending several years in this spiritual journey.
    I will tell one of my experience, which is the major spiritual experience in my life. Few years back, I was standing outside the house and talking in the phone. Once I finished talking, I tried to return back to the home. Suddenly, I felt some sort of paralysis. I am unable to move my body and freezed at the point. A voice in my mind said, "Muruga Peruman has arrived", similar to the way a king would be glorified, when he comes. I felt extreme heat in my body and also at the surrounding places. I felt someone pushing my chin up to look up to the sky. I can see a small patch of cloud cleared to show up a very bright light blob. It seemed to be very far, but it produced lot of heat in my body and produced tears in my eyes. I stood there freezed for atleast 5 minutes. During those 5 minutes, nobody came at that place, my mother also did not come out of my house, no vehicles passed through that road. After 5 minutes, the bright orb disappeared. The energy is so powerful that it took 30 mins to relax my body.
    In this mission, I am acting as a channel to spread that energy to the followers, through the meditation session, we do on a weekly basis. Once you receive the energy, you would be able to perform the duty given by Lord Muruga.
  10. 10. Do you think the materialistic life is a blocker to get Muruga Peruman blessings?
    I too a family man. Being in a family is not a blocker to progress in spiritual journey, its indeed a plus point. We need to balance both materialistic life and spiritual life. It needs perseverance and experience to master it.
  11. 11. What's your view on Astrology/Horoscope? Do you believe it?
    In my experience, Astrology is true. But it depends on the person, who predicts it. If its predicted by the right person, it holds true.
  12. Why did Muruga Peruman chose you for this mission?
    Many people used to ask this question. I have never asked this to Muruga Peruman. It will be revealed to me, if its destined to. May be there could be a connection in my past life. Being a normal person, all these experiences, such as able to see Muruga Peruman in a jyothi form, protection of Siva Peruman, Sage Agasthiar and Anjaneyar's help. Being a common man, many people throughout the world believes and connects with me. This is not something which I earned in this life, definitely there should be something in my past life which is helping me. In this life, I did the duty given by Muruga Peruman with sincerity and dedication for 15 years. Thats the only thing i did
  13. Can we keep Swastik symbol in Pooja Room?
  14. With all the secrets being revealed of Kumari Kandam, Can human would be able to stay in Mars?
    Yes. It is possible. Its going to happen soon. We would be able to see that in our lifetime. All the siddhars have been waiting for this Yugam and waiting for right time to act. For e.g., during 2004, nobody in Kerala knows about Bhogar Siddhar. Now many people in Kerala knows Bhogar and they have started studying about him. Similarly, 5 years back, many people do not know about Kumari Kandam. Now, most of the people knows about it. These are the actions by Siddhars and their energy.
  15. Can we see the Ukra Muruga picture, which you got from Thailand?
    Anyone can see that, but there is no use in just seeing the picture. I will perform prayer and give it to the needed person. It needs to be worshipped with secret mantra after getting the permission from Muruga Peruman. Then only, it would be effective. Around 5 people from political and administrative background received it from me, 4 people have benefitted out of it. I do not receive and feel incorrect to receive any form of money to provide this picture. I just pray Muruga peruman and get his permission before providing it to the needed.
  16. There are 4 yugas as per Hinduism? Is Muruga yugam is a 5th yugam or is it part of Kali yugam?
    From my experience, Muruga yugam is part of kali yugam. There are multiple stages in Kali Yugam and Muruga yugam is one such stage. There are few other people revealed it based on the messages they received, for ex. Brahmakumaris, Paramahamsa Yogananda, etc.
  17. How long the duration of Muruga Yugam would be?
    It would be approximately 2000 years.
Om Saravanabhavaya Namaha!