King Vikramaditya and LMRK third duty

India also known as Bharat is the Motherland of many noble souls, thinkers, philosophers, and some of the world’s greatest emperors. Ancient Bharat was well known for its glorious past and prowess in many fields be it Science, Arts, Architecture, State-craft, Spirituality, and its great contribution to the world economy. It is the spiritual capital of the world where Divinity incarnated through the Yugas to restore Sanathana Dharma.

In response to the earnest call of humanity who collectively sought peace and yearn to live as per Sanathana dharma, the divine in the form of Lord Karthikeya has answered their prayers. Lord Karthikeya’s yuga also known as the ‘Muruga Yugam’ began in 2013 and will last for the next 2,000 years. It will be a yuga where Lord Karthikeya with the help of Siddhas will govern the world and restore Sanathana Dharma all across the world.

Bharat Parikrama (07-Mar-21 to 23-Mar-21)

Shri Rejith Kumar’s Mother Smt.Sulochana who attained Mukthi on 31-Jan-21 guides and protects the LMRK Mission as a Shakthi Energy in Her Light Body Form. She gave him a vision as ‘Bharat Matha’ and he took it as an indication to visit various sacred places associated with the history of ancient India and receive their blessings. He visited Puri, Hastinapur, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Badrinath, Ayodhya, Prayagraj, Kasi, Ujjain, Dwaraka, Pazhani, the Sankara Mutts established by Adi Sankaracharya at Kalady, Badrinath, Puri, Dwaraka, Kanchipuram. He had a profound experience of Lord Shiva appearing to him as an Aghori Siddhar along with Divine Mother Sulochana in a mystical place in the Himalayas.

He also took the darshan of Devi Vishalakshi of Kasi, Devi Meenakshi of Madurai and Devi Kamakshi of Kanchipuram during his Bharat Parikrama.

Shri Rejith Kumar revealed that he was guided by Lord Shiva, Lord Karthikeya, Emperor Vikramaditya and Divine Mother Sulochana during the Bharat Parikrama. Lord Karthikeya revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that he had received the special blessings of Adi Sankaracharya and Maharajah Vikramaditya who would henceforth guide the LMRK Mission in its future duties. Adi Sankaracharya had revived Hinduism by spreading Sanathana dharma by establishing Sankara Mutts in the four directions of Bharat at Puri, Badrinath, Dwaraka and Sringeri. Shri Rejith Kumar has now been directed by Lord Karthikeya to spread Sanathana Dharma throughout the world as part of his divine mission by activating the necessary energies essential for establishing it on Mother Earth.

LMRK Third duty - Skanda Bharatha Maha Yagam

Skandha Bharatha Maha Yagam was performed at Pazhani on the 15th of August 2021 as part of the Aadi Kandha Purana Month Celebrations under the divine direction of Lord Karthikeya and the leadership of Shri Rejith Kumar.

Ten LMRK Members of 5 teams visited sacred places associated with Jagatguru Sri Adi Sankaracharya at Kalady, Puri, Badrinath, Dwaraka & Kanchipuram. The sacred text of Sri Kandha Puranam was read and special prayers were offered to Sri Adi Sankaracharya along with the LMRK flag by LMRK Members to receive his blessings.

Ujjain Pooja

A special pooja on 08-Aug-21 was performed in Ujjain as per the divine direction of Lord Karthikeya for Maharaja Vikramaditya, and Shradh rituals were done for the Nine Navaratnas of Maharaja Vikramaditya (Dhanvantri, Kshapanaka, Amarasimha, Sanku, Vetalabhatta, Ghatakarpara, Kalidasa, Varahamihira and Vararuchi) and the Kumari Kandam Ancestors to receive all their blessings for the revival and spreading of Sanathana dharma to the whole world.

The Yagam at Pazhani began with a special pooja for Lord Ganesha and the Navagrahas. This was followed by a special Homamand Pooja for Lord Karthikeya consisting of 16 types of Abisheks, for Lord Karthikeya’s Moorthy. To conclude, Sathru Samhara Thrisathi Archana and a Maha Aarthi was performed for Lord Karthikeya to receive his blessings.

The completion of the third divine duty by the LMRK Mission under the divine direction of Lord Karthikeya will ensure the divine protection and blessings of Lord Karthikeya for Bharat (India). It will help relieve the world of diseases, negative influences, and restore the world to a golden era of Sanathana dharma and financial prosperity.

Lord Karthikeya’s Divine Revelations about Ujjain

  1. Ujjain is Lord Karthikeya’s third sacred abode on earth. He is said to have slain Tarakasur here.
  2. Ujjain which served as the capital of Maharaja Vikramaditya worldwide empire was considered important in terms of astronomy and astrology. This was because Ujjain was strategically located where the Prime meridian and Tropic of Cancer intersected. It is significant to know that it served as the ‘Greenwich’ or zero-time zone of the ancient world. The sacred time for any auspicious event was calculated from here.
  3. Lord Karthikeya has revealed Ujjain as one of the important Pancha Bhoota energy points in the world and as its represents the ‘Earth’ element.-. divine duties completed in Ujjain will thus play a major role in the manifestation of many positive changes in the world.

Lord Karthikeya further revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that this divine LMRK flag has a powerful vibration and has the ability to bless the homes of people when kept in their place of worship. It also has the ability to awaken the Kumari Kandam Souls who carry Krittika or Pleiadian energy. These spiritually awakened souls will come forward to restore Sanathana Dharma in the world during the Muruga Yugam.

Ujjain has thus become a very important sacred place on earth and hoisting Lord Karthikeya’s divine flag here would ensure the spread of divine energies required for the rejuvenation of Mother Earth’s energies and establishing of Sanathana Dharma in the world.

Om Saravanabhavaya Namaha!!