My Master's From the 4th Dimension - PART 1

An autobiography by Sri. Rejith Kumar where he shares his mystic and spiritual experiences spanning 17 years.
Miracles – extraordinary events that lift an ordinary man to experience the mysteries of the universal science, history and spirituality join hands in the right proportion to bestow an ordinary man with exciting and elevated experiences – life becomes nothing short of a thriller novel.
Listen to the trumpets heralding the restoration of Kumari Kandam, an ancient continent once lost. Get glimpses of incredible and mind blowing real-life experiences that proclaim the coming of a new era. This book explains his spiritual journey and will be released this month (November-2022).
“My Masters from the 4th Dimension” is a heart-warming real-life journey of a self-proclaimed atheist awakened to a mystical world of spiritual masters and given a mission of uniting and leading ancient Kumari Kandam (Pleiadian) souls to fulfill their destiny of awakening and co-creating a new world of higher spiritual consciousness.
The era of Lord Muruga and the Siddhas – ‘Muruga Yugam’ has begun for a massive energy shift to occur on earth triggering the onset of Pleiadian or Karthika energy to flow abundantly on earth. Awakened souls living in different parts of the world are now finding themselves drawn to the Pleiadian mission of Lord Muruga. Sounds extraordinary, right? How did this all begin?
It begins with the story of a young man pursuing to be a cinematographer. Destiny, however, had other plans for him. His life changed unexpectedly with the sudden appearance of his spiritual guide Lord Muruga who leads him on a series of spiritual quests. It led to several mystical experiences in his otherwise day-to-day world. After almost two decades of spiritual travel, he looks back at the journey which transformed him into a global spiritual leader under the benevolent grace of Lord Muruga.

ஓம் முருகா - (குமரிக்கண்டத்தை நோக்கிய என் பயணம்) - பாகம் 1

லயன் மயூர ராயல் கிங்டம் (LMRK) என்ற ஆன்மிக அமைப்பின் நிறுவனர் திரு. ரெஜித் குமார் தன்னுடைய 17 வருட ஆன்மீக அனுபவங்களை இந்த நூலில் விவரித்துள்ளார். மேலும், முருகப்பெருமான் மூலமாக தனக்கு கிடைத்த ஆன்மீக ரகசியங்கள், அமானுஷ்ய அனுபவங்கள், உலகெங்கிலும் அமைந்துள்ள ஆற்றல் மிக்க தலங்களின் சிறப்புகள் மற்றும் முருகப்பெருமான் தன் வாழ்வில் எவ்வாறெல்லாம் அருள் புரிந்தார் என்பதை விவரித்துள்ளார். இந்த நூல் இம்மாதம் (நவம்பர் – 2022) வெளியிடப்படுகிறது.
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My book “Meeting with my Masters from the 4th dimension” is a heart-warming real-life journey of a self-proclaimed atheist awakened to a mystical world of spiritual masters and given a mission of guiding ancient Kumari Kandam (Pleiadian) souls to fulfill their destiny of awakening and co-creating a new world of higher spiritual consciousness”.

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My Master's From the 4th Dimension - PART 1

My book “Meeting with my Masters from the 4th dimension” is a heart-warming real-life journey of a self-proclaimed atheist awakened to a mystical world of spiritual masters and given a mission of guiding ancient Kumari Kandam (Pleiadian) souls to fulfill their destiny of awakening and co-creating a new world of higher spiritual consciousness”.
The era of Lord Muruga and the Siddhas – ‘Muruga Yugam’ dawned in 2013 AD triggering the onset of Pleiadian or Karthigai energies to flow abundantly on earth. Awakened souls living in different parts of the world are now finding themselves drawn to the Pleiadian mission of Lord Muruga to fulfill the duties directed by Him. Sounds extraordinary, right? How did this all begin?
As an easy going young person chasing dreams of wanting to make a cinema I was catapulted into life changing situation immediately after my father’s demise where my cinema dream world came to a sudden jarring halt and I had to quickly get grounded into getting a lay level job at my father’s office.
Even before things could get financially stable, my family was rocked again with the sudden passing of my younger brother which made me experience a jolt of selfless love for my mother whose priorities I decided to place above mine. I had become a self-proclaimed atheist who found comfort in being angry with the Gods for inflicting such pain on my family. A chance visit to an astrologer made me realise that I could have at least reverted the demise of my young brother who was my then best friend and confidant. This created a searing flame within me and made me turn inward for answers.
From a carefree young teenager, the passage of time took me on a mode that I had a permanent job and was at the verge of getting married and was filled with dreams of making my future and yes of course, the secret dream of becoming a film director. Time and destiny of course had other plans – At the age of 28, one day while sleeping I had a strange dream, in which a Jyoti (divine light) suddenly appeared before me and stood beside me. An ethereal voice from within that light spoke to me and made me understand that it was Lord Muruga who had come and that he would be taking me under his protection after I become 30 years old. When I woke up I couldn’t quite come to terms with my lucid dream and wondered what changes this would bring after I turned 30. I dismissed this again to
the recess of my mind. As foretold, at the age of 30, one day, I had another mystical visitation where I experience something similar to sleep paralysis- my mind was very awake though my body seemed asleep. I couldn’t move my limbs or open my eyes when I heard a child’s voice clearly speaking near me stating that I had nothing to fear and that He Lord Muruga had come to teach me a mantra; which I had to repeat thrice. My tongue moved out of its own volition to repeat the mantra silently though I was not able to speak at that time. The vision ended.
Time found me again as a happy householder in 2003 enjoying my newly married life when after almost two years I received one of my most significant visions in 2005 of Bhogar Samadhi at Palani and the exact location of the 2nd Moorthy created by Bhogar Siddhar. This propelled me and my friend Narayanan to visit Pazhani, meet the temple authorities there and share my vision with them. They verified the accuracy of my claims with a famous astrologer Panicker and based on his spiritual guidance spent 18 days praying and spending these days in the divine presence of Lord Dhandayudhapani in Palanimala. After this, I began getting messages from my Guru Lord Muruga an absolute aspect of the Paramatma who guided me with clues to decode and visit and perform divine tasks as assigned by him. In the course of time, I realised that I was led on a path through several mystical visions to places where the great Bhogar Siddhar had once meditated. It also was a time when Lord Muruga gifted me and my wife with the birth of our two daughters Nakshatra in 2006 and Ganga in 2009.
In December 2012, I was directed by Lord Muruga to offer prayers with the Vel at all six Aarupadaiveedu temples. I later got important revelations about the earth’s energy transition from one era yet to another- mainly regarding the ancient Kumari Kandam and how I would be entrusted with performing duties related to the restoration of Kumari Kandam and spiritually awakening connected Kumari Kandam souls which would impact the world’s affairs in a positive and beneficial manner.
In 2013, one day, I was standing there outside my house after taking a call, when I felt suddenly, that everything was suspended in time, and an invisible fist punched my chin to make me look upwards at the sky. There in the sky was a streak of golden light which appeared between the clouds and became a Jyoti and I heard a voice within me stating that ‘Lord Murugan has come in His kingly attire’. I was made to realise that this marked the advent of a new era of Lord Murugan – The Muruga Yugam – in which He and other ascended masters would guide the affairs of the world for the next 2000 years.
With the Pleiadian energies flowing in abundance it would bring in its wake an awakening of mass consciousness to the world.
After this incident, Lord Muruga began giving me the messages directly in the form of a divine light. I was directed to travel to do specific tasks which include doing prayers and visiting several energy points to activate them and reveal their significance to the world. Some of these include: China, Tiger’s Nest Monastery (Bhutan), Moscow (Russia), Bali (Indonesia), Bangkok(Thailand), Batu Cave (Malaysia), The MacRitchie Reservoir (Singapore), Pura Besakih Temple (Bali), Reunion Island , Shambala (Gobi Desert – Mongolia), Blue Mountains and Lion Island (Australia), Kathirkamam (Sri Lanka), Silbury Hills and Dragon Hills (UK), Fushimi Inari Temple (Japan), Thailand, Aivar Malai, Anjaneyar Malai, Motta Malai, Parvatha Malai, Kannivadi Hills, Poombarai, and Ujjain (India) amongst others.
In 2015, Lord Murugan directed me to publically declare my journey and make it known to the world about the dawn of the New Muruga Yugam and my role as His chosen instrument to carry out duties given by Him to establish it. It is significant to note that till this point in time I had not revealed my journey to the world except to a few dear friends and family. I had also been given the ability to pray on behalf of others and channel Lord Murugan’s energies to bring about material as well as spiritual progress in their lives.
In 2016, Vendhar Channel approached me and shot a series of episodes on me in the Moondravathu Kannu program– this threw doors open to my being covered by other national and international media over the years.
In 2017 I was directed by Lord Murugan to create a global platform under which likeminded awakened Kumari Kandam souls would come together under the leadership of me being their captain and perform duties for Him. This gave birth to a spiritual organization being founded by me – The Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom (LMRK) having its registered headquarters in Thrissur, Kerala was started on 1 May 2017 by offering prayers for it in Pazhani. Soon after, Lord Murugan began giving us specific duties to be carried out by me and the mission for the restoration of Kumari Kandam.
In 2018, Lord Murugan gave us our First Duty and directed us to perform the Pradishta of the Mayura Simhasanam (a throne for Lord Muruga) at Zero Time Zone to herald the advent of the restoration of Kumari Kandam and to facilitate the flow of Lord Murugan’s energies for the new Yuga. On 30 September 2018 a special Pooja at Aivar Malai to honour the Mayura Simhasanam was conducted followed by a special Girivalam around Palanimala and a public function where Lord Murugan’s devotees like Sri Gangai Amaran and other celebrities had participated. The Pradishta of Lord Murugan’s Vel and Holy Padukas on the Mayura Simhasanam was duly consecrated by me on the Thirukalyanam day after Surasamharam on 14 November 2018 at the Thanthondri Anjaneyar Temple at Wales at the Zero Time Zone. As per the divine revelation from Lord Muruga – the successful completion of this duty would begin the restoration of Kumari Kandam.
In 2019, as the Second Duty the Lord directed me to perform the Pradishta of a navapashana idol of Lord Murugan at Switzerland on 12 April 2020 – a place where the ‘wealth energy’ is found most concentrated. The navapashana idol was honoured by us on Anjaneyar Hill and Aivar Hill followed by a spiritually vibrant Girivalam in which the idol of Lord Murugan was carried reverentially atop an elephant around Palanimala on the auspicious day of Maha Shivarathri i.e. 21 February 2020. Inspite of several challenges faced during the Corona Pandemic, due to Lord Murugan’s divine protection the Pradishta of the navapashana idol of Lord Muruga in His divine Bala Dhandayudhapani form took place at exactly Zero Hours Local Swiss time (00:00) (Indian Time 3.30 a.m.) on 12 April 2020 at Worb,
Switzerland as directed by Lord Murugan. The duty was to be performed to bring the wealth energy under His divine control and protection. This would move the world to a state of greater financial prosperity in the coming years. The first duties were a learning ground for the LMRK mission and me that in any adversity, there was always Lord Murugan to fall back upon, and that every duty must be carried out from inception to finish in a spirit of true surrender to Him.
Lord Murugan who directed me to carry out His divine duties also took care of my physical and mental well-being when He directed me to undergo a Panchakarma treatment; after which I felt mentally and physically rejuvenated. After this, I was directed by Lord Muruga to go into deep meditation for 7 days and nights in one go. It was during this I experienced something extraordinary beyond my mental comprehension – a wormhole which appeared in front of my open physical eyes – wormhole the threshold of the 4th dimension. Wormholes have both entry and exit points through which one can travel to different dimension or time zones. This was my grand introduction to the 4th dimension!
Time my constant companion intervened to shake the very foundation of my happy home when my mother who had brought me up to the responsible man that I had become suddenly fell seriously sick.
Lord Murugan let me know that her role had been to protect me and support me in my spiritual journey, and at this point in time I thank my mother who selflessly stood by me all those years and took care of my wife and daughters while I was away carrying out Lord Murugan’s duties in various parts of the world. On 28 January 2021 I visited Vallalar Swamigal’s residence at Seven Wells in Chennai and received his blessings as per the divine direction of Lord Murugan.
Everything that begins ultimately comes to an end, so was the case of my dear mother who passed into the care of Lord Mahadeva on 31 January 2021 after many years of protecting me with her prayers and motherly love.
Soon after my mother’s demise I received divine instructions to travel around India tracing the path of Sri Adi Shankaracharya – the Shankara Mathas he set up and other sacred historic places of ancient Bharat to especially receive blessings of Sri Adi Shankaracharya and Emperor Vikramaditya of Ujjain whom Lord Murugan revealed to would henceforth come forward to support as the divine guiding forces of the LMRK Mission. Their historic and spiritual contribution to ancient Bharat and the world can be found in the chapters of my book.
I decided to immerse my mother’s holy ashes along the way in these holy places and set out on my Bharat Parikrama on 7 March 2021 with a Vel in one hand and an urn of her ashes in the other. In a span of 16 days Mr. Prabhu an LMRK member and me travelled to various sacred places. Our first stop was at Puri, then offered our prayers in Hastinapur before reaching Haridwar. I attended the Poorna Kumbh Mela at Haridwar on Maha Shivarathri day (11 March 2021) and took a holy dip in the Ganga River amongst the sadhus of the Niranjani Akhada at their leader’s invitation. This indeed was a oncein-a-lifetime-moment for me. The next stop was Lord Nrasimha’s temple and Joshi Math in Badrinath.
In Joshi Math, we visited the ancient Mulberry tree under which Sri Adi Shankaracharya had once meditated. Beneath that, is present a cave where an idol of Adi Shankaracharya has been placed.
Above that, is a temple of Lord Shiva where there is an Akhanda Jyoti once lit by the great Sri Adi Shankaracharya which has been carefully kept ignited all these years!
Another mind-blowing which occurred here at Joshi Math, was when the Panditji there asked me to tie a thread to the Mulberry tree stating that if one were to make a sankalp (prayer request) and tie the sacred thread to the Holy tree it would come true. Thinking of it as a man-made ritual I wasn’t very convinced. However, to respect his request I began tying the tree when lo behold I suddenly had a mystical experience where I felt like a flash of light that lit inside my head. I began to see a vast expanse of fog and when that cleared I saw Lord Shiva in the form of an Aghori Siddha. He stretched out his arm to hold someone by Her wrist. A lady – wait! It was Amma standing beside him dressed
in a saree with her hair fluttering gently in the breeze. Lord Shiva then pointed me to her and she smiled such a beautiful loving smile from the depths of her soul and lifted her hand to give me a victory symbol. I was able to get her urn of ashes buried safely in a nearby forest. As I offered my prayers to it, a crow suddenly appeared from nowhere! I felt an indescribable peace and a feeling of security dawned within me. I firmly believed now that it meant her divine protection would always be with me and the LMRK Mission and travelled on to Prayagraj, Ujjain, Kashi, Dwaraka in that order before taking darshan of Goddess Vishalakshi in Kashi, Goddess Meenakshi in Madurai and Goddess Kamakshi in Kanchipuram and culminating the Bharat Parikrama in Palani after offering prayers in all the places we visited. Later in 2021, after the successful completion of the 2 divine duties Lord Murugan declared it was timefor the LMRK Mission to receive its Third Duty. The LMRK Mission which had grown as a spiritual organisation with members from more than a dozen countries was to have a flag symbolic of its unique divine identity. It is significant to note that the blue and golden LMRK Flag and the symbols of Kumari Kandam, the upright Vel, 10 Stars was created as per the divine instructions given to me by Lord Muruga Himself during meditation. The blue represented Mother Earth and the colour Gold was
indicative of the return of the golden era as it was during the time of Kumari Kandam. We fulfilled the Third Duty given to us by Lord Murugan by making the flag as per His direction and by hoisting it in our Thrissur headquarters on LMRK Mission’s 4th Anniversary i.e. on 1 May 2021 and later in various member countries across the globe.
I was made to understand by Lord Murugan that the ancient Kumari Kandam souls had 4-dimesnional abilities to travel across time zones. The hoisting of the LMRK Flag would serve as an instrument to signal to the natives of Kumari Kandam from other time zones that the restoration of Kumari Kandam is to happen soon.
This was followed by a divine permission from Lord Murugan to remove the doshas and heal people through the Light Body Activation process with the special blessings of Vallalar Swamigal who in His great compassion enabled me to do carry out this divine task both in person as well as through the virtual medium. This helped me to reach thousands of devotees and ensure their safety. The Light Body Activation energies with the blessings of Lord Murugan and Vallalar Swamigal were channelled through Facebook and Zoom virtually during the pandemic globally.
It was then time for LMRK’s Fourth Duty- Lord Murugan instructed me to perform a sacred yagam in Palanimala for the restoration of India’s golden period and to raise it to heights to become the world’s leader in fostering Sanatana Dharma. We named this aptly as the ‘Skanda Bharata Maha Yagam’. The yagam was unique in nature as it was performed in honour of India’s 2 great sons – Sri Adi Shankaracharya and Maharaja Vikramaditya of Ujjain.Our aim was to go to four of the Sankara Mathas at Puri, Badrinath, Dwaraka and Kanchipuram. Eight LMRK Members in 4 teams visited these sacred places and after offering their prayers, and collecting holy water from there; joined me in Ujjain. In
Ujjain my team and I performed ancestral rituals (thithi) for the Kumari Kandam ancestors and the Navaratnas of Vikramaditya’s empire on the Parvati Ghat of the River Shipra. We also anointed the idol of Lord Karthikeya with the holy waters collected and offered our prayers.
On 15 August 2021, the Skanda Bharata Maha Yagam was conducted in Palani grandly in honour of Lord Murugan by the main priest of Lord Murugan’s temple at Palani Selva Guurkul well attended by many devotes with the yagam being telecasted by social media channels and widely covered in leading dailies like the Times of India, The Indian Express amongst others.
In 2021, I was divinely directed to go to a neutral energy point which lies strategically between Palanimala and Idumban Hill before the commencement of the second half of my spiritual journey and offer my prayers there. When I discussed this with Sri Karuppiah a local priest in Pazhani he immediately took me to the exact spot called Sikhandi Parai (Sikhandi Rock).
Lord Murugan directed us to hoist the LMRK Flag in Palani (one of the sacred abodes of Lord Murugan) and Ujjain apart from being the capital of the great Emperor Vikramaditya was then considered the Zero Time Zone as Greenwich is considered by the world today.
On 10 November 2021 after the hoisting of the 40 ft. LMRK Flag in Palani, my team and I reached Sikhandi Parai and performed a pooja in gratitude of the first phase of my spiritual journey. On 19 November 2021 the LMRK Flag was hoisted on another 40 ft. pool in Astha Gurukul in Ujjain with the support of its founder Sri. Gopalji who agreed to hoist it within their ashram premises. We the visited the Varahamihira Observatory in an interior village in Madhya Pradesh named after one of the famous 9 Navaratnas of Emperor Vikramaditya’s royal court known for his mastery in astrology and as a polymath. I was told that Sanku Yantra; the observatory’s main significance was installed exactly at neutral point. On June 21st of every year when the sun transitions from North to South there would be no shadow here. Time again was teaching me that this was the point I had to take in neutral-point energies. The dots began to connect… I realised that this why Sanku one of the Navaratnas of Emperor Vikramaditya had visited me in astral the day before I had kept a special program ‘Memories’ in honour of my mother in April 2021.Sanku possessed both male and female characteristics – his visit was symbolic of neutral point.
I believe Stephen Hawking is the reincarnation of Sanku. He had during his lifetime sent out the invites to his party after the party had taken place believing in the fact that if someone had the ability to time travel then they would definitely attend the party. I now understood why he accompanied Sanku to visit me in astral the day before the program ‘Memories’ as I coincidentally had decided to give out the program invites the day after the program for another reason – the raging Corona Pandemic! Their visits and me being directed by Lord Murugan to visit Sikhandi Parai and the Varahamihira Observatory all aligned to one single fact – that it was TIME I encompassed the neutral point energy which was very crucial for the second phase of my spiritual journey.
Lord Murugan then directed me to visit the Udayagiri Cave complex in Vidisha, a place 250 kilometres from Ujjain. He further directed that I was to pray in the 3rd cave to receive 4-dimensional energies. I felt my vibrations go up the minute I laid my eyes on Lord Muruga’s statue there; and it stirred up a great turmoil in me- as if the secrets of that place were all trying to rush out at one go! I knew I had to be in solitude, so asked the LMRK Members who had accompanied me on this trip to leave me in solitude. As my meditation progressed, I was made to realise that Vidisha was like the umbilical cord of India and it has a portal that opens up to another dimension. I understand that it is possibly to understand these when you actually experience these encounters with TIME as I had, but the Lord Murugan directed that it is TIME that these ancient secrets be revealed to the world and hence shared this through my book. I have detailed about time-travel through the concept of Wormholes and how they differ from Black Holes. I have given a clear idea  about the abilities of(one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, four-dimensional and five-dimensional beings in a scientific way.
Lord Muruga directed me to hold the Bhogar Jayanthi Celebrations in honour of the great Bhogar Siddhar who had created two idols of Lord Murugan and revealed to me that the first idol for the period of Kaliyuga is presently being worshipped as Lord Dhandayudhapani in His Navapashana form in Palani and the second idol of Lord Murugan would be the guiding spiritual force for the new Murugan era. With the help of Sri Jagan my main support in Palani and other LMRK members from
various departments like Finance, Information Technology, Media, and Editorial pitched in to make this event a reality. At the dawn of the auspicious day of Vaikasi Bharani i.e. 28 May 2022 – I was in front of the same cave which I had seen in my vision in 2005 and performed a pooja to the pictures of Bhogar Siddhar and the 2nd idol of Lord Murugan created by Bhogar Siddhar. They were later taken in a grand Girivalam led by me atop an elephant holding the Vel (divine lance of Lord Muruga) followed by palanquin bearing LMRK Members carrying the photos of Bhogar Siddhar and the 2nd idol of Lord Muruga created by Bhogar Siddhar. I went back in time to think of the first time Bhogar Siddhar’s Jayanthi had been celebrated in Palani for the very first time in 2012 in which I had played a small role and fast forwarded it to a TIME where I had grown spiritually to be given the responsibility of holding Bhogar Jayanthi Celebrations in Palani by Lord Murugan Himself. It could only mean one thing the trust the Lord had in the LMRK Mission and its founder, that being me.
As, I come close to concluding my narration, you would have by now realised that Time had been the canvass on which the many experiences mystical as well as ordinary been painted. Lord Murugan held my hand and took me from the sceptical young man that I was 18 years ago who had first come to Pazhani to checkout his vision about Bhogar Samadhi and the location of the2nd Idol created by Bhogar to a person who grew in strength to carry out all the duties given by Lord Murugan amidst various challenges having only the faith in my Lord as a constant. As I look forward to the second phase of my journey, my Lord Murugan directed me to write about the future duties of the Mission that he revealed to me during my prayers at the Bhogar cave on Bhogar Jayanthi day. They are:
i) To organise and hold an International World Muruga Conference – The aim of the conference is to bring all those who are connected with Lord Muruga globally in one place worldwide be it Taoist leaders connected with Bhogar Siddhar or the Yazdis who worship the Peacock – the divine vahana of Lord Murugan. The idea is to have a highly interactive and participative collaboration amongst like-minded individuals through workshops and seminars in the conference.
ii) A Tribute to the 7 Seas – Special prayers will be offered to the Seven Seas – 7 specific water bodies that would be revealed by Lord Murugan. He has revealed to me that the second phase of my spiritual journey would have a lot of connection with Water, and
iii) To create a Protective Band of Divine Energy -The Pradishta of 6 Vels at 6 energy points of Kumari Kandam as revealed by Lord Murugan. The Vels are to be blessed at the World Muruga Conference before their consecration at the 6 energy points are performed. These would create an energy band of divine protection within which restored Kumari Kandam in the future will flourish.
After the completion of the Bhogar Jayanthi event, I reflected upon the startling revelation, Lord Muurgan had given me in the Bhogar cave that day at dawn – that the 2nd idol of Lord Murugan created by Bhogar Siddhar was made of dark matter and not Navapashana as the world believes till date. I was made to realise that the world is aware only about half of what Bhogar Siddhar had contributed to the world – this will astound the world in the coming years – the world will bow down to the Siddhars and acknowledge their contributions – the worship of Lord Murugan will spread through the world. As I was thinking deeply about the magnitude and the impact these divine revelations will have on the world – I chance to look up in the moonlit Palanimala sky as was my norm to look at the Karthka (Pleiades) constellation I saw my mother encouragingly smile down at me. I was emotionally moved as I did a sashtang namaskar on the road only to be lifted by her gently and assured of her eternal love for me. As I continued to walk along the Girivalam route I felt I had received Lord Murugan’s blessings through the blessings of my spiritual guides Bhogar  Siddhar, Pulipani Siddhar and Mahavatar Babaji. With the deep sense of peace, I walked along the Girivalam route around Palanimala to get more blessings showered on me from Sri Adi Shankaracharya, Emperor Vikramaditya, Sanku and Stephen Hawking.
Empowered by the blessings I had just received and feeling gratitude to my better half Jitha for her consistent love and support and my dear LMRK family who has stood by me in carrying out the divine duties, I realise that I am ready to take on any duties that the Lord has to give me. Protected by my mother and the spiritual masters of TIME, I bow down to the destiny my Lord Murugan has set for me and march forward leaving you readers with a message to join this spiritual renaissance for leaving a better tomorrow for the future generations to come.
My Masters from the 4th Dimension – Part II
With Lord Murugan above me to bless, beside me to accompany, behind me to protect, in front of me to lead, and below me to support, along with Amma’s blessings for reinforcement; I am now moving on to the second phase of a much more exciting journey. I sense the connection to another time zone.
While connecting to that time zone …. I see some people trying to communicate with me. Is it my father there? No – it is Raja Gandharvasena – the father of Emperor Vikramaditya! I also see brave Chola Kings like King Vira Cholan, King Raja Chola, King Rajendra Chola I and others. They wish to share some secrets with the divine permission of Lord Murugan. I am now ready to hear the same with the blessings of Lord Murugan and the protection of my mother.

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