01 - Mr. Yuvaraj, U.K.

I sincerely wish for Muruga Peruman’s guidance not only to Rejithji but also to every soul who believes in Him.

02 - Mrs.Sowmya Nikhil, Chennai.

I am grateful to Muruga Peruman for his blessings and Rejith Anna for his prayers! I hope we all have Muruga peruman’s blessings throughout our lives!! Om Saravana Bhavaya Namaha.

03 - Mrs.Dyena, Srilanka, Chennai.

This time during the energy passing I had felt the energy through my entire spinal cord and had felt an outercoat similar to a protection shield and after some time it rose and swirled above my head passing the Sahasarara Chakra. Simultaneously at the Ajna Chakra I saw a white light where I witnessed Lord Murugan appearing in Raja Alankaram, intruding slightly through that light. Overall I felt that holy magic. I have no words to thank you Ji!

04 Mrs.Usha Devi, Malaysia.

I am indeed blessed and look forward to the balance of my journey with Lion Mayura spiritual path and to meeting our Captain personally soon.

05 - Mr. Shiva Sankar, Chennai.

The divine picture began to help us from the very day it had been placed. Our kid began to sleep well at nights and I had two divine dreams later, which indicated to me that our home had been cleansed. I truly believe that the picture does emanate divine energies similar to that of a powerful yantra. We are indeed blessed to have the picture of the divine Mayura Simhasanam in our living space. Om Saravana Bhavaya Namaha.

05 - Mr. Vimalanathan, Australia.

Om Saravana Bhavaya Namaha. For almost four years, one of my properties was in dispute for the subdivisions. I went through all the legal avenues and finally gave up. I shared about the situation to Rejith ji when I met him in Blue Mountains in Sydney. He gave me a couple of stones from there and asked me to place these stones in the property. I did exactly what he directed me to do. I had one more last chance to appeal for the decision. Rejith ji asked me to proceed with the appeal. Appeal hearing happened in July but the decision was not delivered. On 4th September an email came from the court with the judgement in my favour to go ahead with the subdivision. I am so glad about Rejithji’s help regarding this decision from Court. Om Saravana Bhavaya Namaha.