The current duty of the LMRK Mission is a series of yagams based on the Pancha Bhoota elements. The current and 4th Yagam based on the ‘Space’ or ‘Akash’ element is the ‘Palani-Ujjain Karthikeya Maha Yagam’. It was held in Ujjain on 15-03-24 under the divine direction of Lord Muruga and the leadership of Shri Rejith Kumar – Founder of Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom (LMRK)

It is significant to know that special prayers are rendered to Lord Muruga at Palani before any divine duty and this event was no exception. A special program was organised in Palani by the LMRK Mission under the leadership and guidance of Shri Rejith Kumar.

Palani is a sacred energy point which houses the Navapashana idol of Lord Muruga created by Bhogar Siddhar atop the Palani Hill. As per the divine revelation of Lord Muruga to Shri Rejith Kumar – The second idol of Lord Muruga created by Bhogar Siddhar is directly beneath the Navapashana idol and is made of Antimatter embodying the Yin-Yang concept. According to Lord Muruga – His divine presence at Palani would be the guiding force for the world. It is significant to know that the energy point at Palani is centrally connected to the other energy points created or activated during Muruga Yugam (era of Lord Muruga).

LMRK Members and Muruga Devotees filled the venue ahead of the program. Those who had witnessed the recent interviews of Shri Rejith Kumar on social media felt drawn to Lord Muruga’s Mission on Earth and had eagerly come to participate in the auspicious event. The stage was beautifully decorated with the LMRK banner depicting pictures of Lord Muruga, Vallalar Swamigal, Maharaja Vikramaditya, and Lord Shiva as an Aghori with Divine Mother Sulochana.

The event began on an auspicious note at 7.00 PM with Shri Rejith Kumar’s introductory talk. This was followed by the melodious rendering of divine compositions of Saivaite Saints like Thirugnanasambandhar, Manikkavasagar, and Arunagirinathar by Ms. Uma Nandhini Balakrishnan and her team of musicians – Mr. Raghavan on the violin and Mr. Sivamani on the Mridangam. The songs sung by her uplifted the hearts of all those present to a blissful state. Shri Rejith Kumar thanked Ms. Uma Nandini and her team by honouring them with ornate shawls. The other dignitaries who graced the occasion were Sri Vamadeva Nata Saravana Sivam, Ramalinga Mutt Arulalar Selva Bhoopathy Ayyah, Director Daya Senthil Kumar, DMK Leader and Industrialist Mr. Kandavel, Hindu Vypari Sangam Leader Mr. Jegan (Palani), Mr. Balakrishnan and Mrs. Balakrishnan.

The Light Body Activation Session was held by Shri Rejith Kumar with the special blessings of Lord Muruga and Sri Ramalinga Swamigal (Vallalar). Lord Palani Muruga blessed the occasion with His divine presence along with His majestic Vel and Sengol (sceptre).

Shri Rejith Kumar lit the lamp and gave a brief talk on the Light Body Activation and its significance. He said we incur karma due to our actions in the current as well as past lives. Our lives move at a fast rate through movement. If we take the example of our galaxy, the 9 planets including our planet Earth revolve around the sun. The Moon revolves around the Earth. The water in the rivers and oceans is in constant movement. Even inside the smallest particle i.e. atom the electrons and protons are constantly moving. Thus the philosophy behind all creations is movement. The soul too travels through several life times and accumulates karma. God is energy in a pure state. Only when the soul (Jeevathma) becomes completely pure can it merge with the Supreme Soul (Paramathma). We journey several lifetimes in several dimensions where we accumulate both good and bad karma. Lord Muruga gave Shri Rejith Kumar the Light Body Activation technique to help souls transform their physical bodies into light bodies by removing their karma.

He stated that Vallalar Swamigal is one such powerful siddhar who transformed his physical body into a Light body. He is a siddhar who is venerated by lakhs of devotees. Shri Rejith Kumar stated that he had received the blessings of Vallalar Swamigal for the Light Body Activation. Shri Rejith Kumar stated with Lord Muruga and Vallalar Swamigal’s blessings the Light Body Activation Energies would be transferred from his lighted lamp to the lighted lamps of those present and from there into the bodies of all those present.

Next, Arulalar Selva Bhoopathy Ayyah of Ramalinga Mutt, Chennai briefly spoke about Vallalar Swamigal and Jyoti Vazhipadu (worship of Supreme Grace Light). He spoke about the Maha-mantra “Arut Perum Jyoti …. Thani Perum Karunai” given by Vallalar for the ascension of humanity. This maha-mantra was given by Lord Shiva Himself to Vallalar. While other mantras are revealed by gnanis in their wisdom this mantra was given by God Himself and hence is known as a Maha-mantra according to him. Bhoopathy Ayyah requested everyone to charge the divine spark within them by chanting this mantra daily for 5 minutes before a lighted lamp along with Lord Muruga’s sacred mantra (Om Saravanabhavaya Namaha). He said if one were to chant the maha-mantra daily for 48 days early morning and in the evenings – it would invoke the divine presence of Vallalar Swamigal.

Bhoopathy Ayyah then chanted the maha-mantra ‘Arut Perum Jyoti’ and said special prayers to invoke the great saint Vallalar’s divine presence for the Light Body Activation. He stated that apart from conferring wisdom like the Vel this Maha-mantra will help in defeating our inner enemies like Kama (lust), Krodha (anger), lobh (greed), Moha (emotional attachment), and Matsarya (jealousy). He further led all those present in Jyothi Vazhipadu (Worship of the Sacred Grace Light) – “Jyoti Jyoti Jyoti Suyam……”.

Shri Rejith Kumar then attuned those present to the Light Body Activation energies after praying to Lord Muruga and Vallalar Swamigal. This raised the energy vibrations of those present after being blessed abundantly in such a manner by the compassionate Lord of Palani and Vallalar Swamigal. Some even shared that they had mystical experiences during the Light Body Activation meditation.

Mr. Baskar from the Ground Force team introduced the LMRK members who were to travel the next day to Ujjain via road from Palani.

This was followed by a special Muruga Pooja conducted by Sri Vamadeva Nata Saravana Sivam and his team from Thanjavur to invoke the blessings of Lord Muruga before the Palani-Ujjain Karthikeya Maha Yagam. Neiveidhiyam was offered to Lord Palani Muruga. A grand Aarthi was performed by him with the conch being blown. This was followed by archana of flowers to Lord Muruga amidst potris in praise of Lord Muruga recited by him. He then made the sankalpam to Lord Muruga to invoke His blessings. He chanted aroharas in praise of Lord Muruga and sung devotional songs and concluded his prayers.

Shri Rejith Kumar asked those present to pray during the pooja and make their sankalpam and offer their flowers at the lotus feet of Lord Muruga. Shri Rejith Kumar prayed and offered flowers at the lotus feet of Lord Muruga. He performed an aarthi to Lord Muruga and sought His blessings for the yagam. He then stated that the divine blessings of Lord Muruga and the Siddhars are with all those present. Shri Rejith Kumar concluded the event by blessing everyone with Thiruneer. He invited those present to attend the Palani Girivalam (07-03-24) and the yagam at Ujjain on 15-03-24.

It is significant to know that a special pooja important to the duty was performed by Shri Rejith Kumar as per the divine direction of Lord Muruga later at midnight (12 AM) at the same venue which is located between Palani Malai and Idumban Malai.


The Palani Girivalam was led by Shri Rejith Kumar along with LMRK Members. The procession started around 7.30 AM with members carrying the LMRK banner regarding the Palani-Ujjain Karthikeya Maha Yagam. Thiruppugazh songs were sung in praise of Lord Muruga to the accompaniment of the Nadhaswaram and the Thavil.

Shri Rejith Kumar was interviewed by several media channels during the Girivalam. He stated that the Palani-Ujjain Karthikeya Maha Yagam was to be performed in Ujjain at the place where the LMRK Flag has been hoisted. He stated that the rituals shall be performed in Tamil by Sri Vamadeva Nata Saravana Sivam and his team from Thanjavur.

Shri Rejith Kumar stated that the yagam was to be held for the welfare of India and the blessings of Lord Muruga for the world’s well-being. Shri Rejith Kumar requested everyone’s prayers for the yagam and stated that the Palani-Ujjain Karthikeya Maha Yagam was to be performed at Aastha Gurukul in Ujjain on the 15th of March 2024. He remarked that he expected more than 1000 people to attend it. Shri Rejith Kumar remarked that a yagam and Muruga Aarthi were held for the very first time in Tamil in Ujjain. He blessed that everyone may get Lord Muruga’s blessings.

The 13 yatra-participant members from LMRK – Mr. Baskar Pillai, Mr. Ravi Kumar, Mr. Baskar, Mr. Dilip, Mr. Lokesh, Mr. Ananthu, Mr. Sai Janardhanan, Mr. Shiva Shankar, Mr. Nirmal Kumar, Mr. Prasanna, Mr. Balaji, Mr. Samuel, and Mr. Shanmugavel were honoured by Shri Rejith Kumar with ornate shawls and flower garlands. It is significant to know that they travelled with Lord Muruga’s idol and His Vel (divine spear) and Sengol (sceptre) via the road from Palani to Ujjain after doing a Girivalam around Palani Hill to open a spiritual path connecting both these energy points. Their historic journey via road to Ujjain was flagged off by Shri Rejith Kumar and Mr. Jegan amidst aroharas. The LMRK Members left Palani fully charged with the energy blessings of Lord Muruga and Vallalar Swamigal to take up their respective responsibilities in conducting the divine duty in Ujjain.

Om Saravanabhavaya Namaha.

Written by: Mrs.Sowmya Nikhil

Shri Rejith Kumar giving an ntroductory talk about the various events held on
Ms. Uma Nandini rendering devotional songs accompanied by Mr. Sivamani on Mridangam and Mr. Raghavan on Violin
Shri Rejith Kumar honouring
Sri Vamadeva Nata Saravana Sivam
Shri Rejith Kumar honouring Ms. Uma Nandhini Balakrishnan
Shri Rejith Kumar honouring Ramalinga Mutt’s Arulalar Sri Selva Bhoopathy Ayya
Selva Bhoopathy Ayyah talking about the significance of Vallalar Swamigal’s Maha Mantra and Jyothi Vazhipadu
Selva Bhoopathy Ayyah doing special prayers to invoke Vallalar Swamigal’s presence before the Light Body Activation meditation
Shri Rejith Kumar giving a talk about the Light Body Activation Meditation and its benefits
Shri Rejith Kumar honouring
Sri. Jegan Hindu Vyapari Sangam Leader (Palani)
Shri Rejith Kumar leads those present in the Light Body Activation Meditation
Sri Vamadeva Nata Saravana Sivam
doing the Aarthi during the Muruga
Mr. Baskar introducing the members of the LMRK Ground Force Team who were to travel on the road yatra with Lord Muruga to Ujjain from Palani
Shri Rejith Kumar doing the aarthi to Lord Muruga
Shri Rejith Kumar addressing those who attended the Palani Pooja
LMRK Members doing the Girivalam around Palani Hill on 07-Mar-24
Shri Rejith Kumar addressing the press at Palani
Shri Rejith Kumar and Mr. Jegan flagging off the yatra -participants from LMRK for their onward journey via road to Ujjain from Palani

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