01 – 05 – 2024

LMRK Members gathered together to celebrate LMRK Mission’s 7th anniversary in Palani. The auspicious day began with the Girivalam led by Shri Rejith Kumar around Palani Malai. The Girivalam started from Arulmigu Patha Vinayagar Temple around 7.30 AM. LMRK Members carrying the LMRK7th Anniversary banner walked around Palani Malai while offering their prayers to Lord Muruga. They stopped en route where the LMRK Flag was hoisted. Shri Rejith Kumar offered his prayers here to Lord Muruga among LMRK Members. After the Girivalam the LMRK Members gathered at the venue for the day’s events. The hall was decorated by blue LMRK Anniversary balloons. LMRK Members took their respective places.

Ms.Bindu from Kerala sang devotional songs. The next event was a Thiruppugazh discourse by Sri. Kurubaran and team. They were honoured by Shri Rejith Kumar with ornate shawls.

Shri Rejith Kumar gave an introductory talk in Malayalam. He shared that his spiritual journey began 20 years back and it wouldn’t be possible without the support of his wife Mrs.Shamily Rejith Kumar and acknowledged her on stage. He was honoured with a garland and shawl by Mr. Lal.

The LMRK Members were called on the stage. Shri Rejith Kumar introduced them and acknowledged their service to the LMRK Mission. Those honoured were Mr. Lal, Mr. Narayanan, Mr. Anoop (Secretary LMRK), Mr. Anoop (Treasurer LMRK) Mrs. Shamily Rejith Kumar, Mr. Jegan (Hindu Munani Secretary – Palani), Mr. Siddharth I.A. S, Mrs.Tulasi (Telangana State Secretary), Mr. Mithrath Majan, Mr. Mahalingam(YouTuber), Mr. Biju Sharada Padmanabhan (ESP Paranormal Channel), Mr. Krishna, Mrs. Mary Bastin, Dr. Mahesh, and Mr. Gopi Krishna.

The next event was a Question and Answer session with Shri Rejith Kumar. Video messages of Senior LMRK Members Mr. Vimalanathan, Mr. Yuvaraj, and Mrs. Sarah Manthira were shared via video messages. They had shared their experiences with Shri Rejith Kumar and the LMRK Mission.

Lord Muruga’s and Vallalar Siddha’s pictures were adorned with garlands. The spiritual ambience was enhanced by the lighted lamps. Shri Rejith Kumar did Archana to Lord Muruga and Vallalar Siddhar and completed his Pooja with an aarthi. Shri Rejith Kumar spoke about the Light Body Activation process. He lit the lamp and attuned the LMRK Members with the Light Body Activation Energies by the blessings of Lord Muruga and Vallalar Siddhar. The event concluded with a lunch for those present.

Om Saravanabhavaya Namaha

Written by: Mrs.Sowmya Nikhil


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