The Switzerland Pradishta

Second Divine Duty – The Switzerland Pradishta

The Second Divine Duty given to the LMRK Mission was the Pradishta of Lord Kulanthai Velayudha Swamy and Sri Anjaneyar in Worb, Switzerland. This was revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar by Lord Muruga during his visit to the Shambala Point (Khamrin Khiid Monastery) in Mongolia on 30-Mar-19. To honour the Moorthies, the Pazhani-Switzerland Selva Thiruvizha was held in Pazhani where special prayers were offered to the Moorthies at Anjaneyar Malai, Aivar Malai followed by a spiritually vibrant Girivalam around the Pazhani Malai.

The pradishta took place successfully on 12-Apr-20 under the guidance and protection of Lord Muruga at the ‘Animamundi Cultural Center’ in Worb, Switzerland at exactly 12.00 AM (Zero Time) to signify the Avataric energy presence of Lord Muruga as Lord Kulandhai Velayudha Swamy in His Navapashana Form. As per the divine revelations given to Shri Rejith Kumar – Lord Muruga has chosen to appear in the Navapashana form to signify healing for the world and also to move the world from its current zero-state to a state of financial prosperity by manifesting positive changes in the Global Monetary System. The Pradishta, which falls on Easter Day, also is a day which commemorates ‘International Human Space Flight Day’. The significance of its connection to the mission will be known in the future

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    THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO KNOW THE 2013 Shift. ( This I felt and told to few family members , but no one give any value, I was too sad until knowing from you . My Special Gratitude 🙏🏻 From the Heart ❤️.. From 2013 I was searching what was that some Energy Shift I felt
    I lost something , I was sleeping that time
    Suddenly I woke up .. I lost some energy was sad ..)

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