Bangalore Pancha Bhootha Pooja & Light Body Activation

Pancha Boodha Pooja and light body activation 1 st October 2023
Mahan Sri Odukathuru Swamigala Mata and Sri Dhandayudhapani Devasthana, Ulsoor, Bangalore-560042
Time : 9:30 am to 12 pm

Shri Rejith Kumar visited Mahan Sri Odukathur Mutt in Bengaluru on 01-10-23 and performed the Pancha Bhootha Pooja and the Light Body Activation for the LMRK Members and devotees present at the event. Lord Pazhani Muruga in his Raja Kolam form divinely graced the auspicious occasion.

During the Pancha Bhootha Pooja, Shri Rejith Kumar invoked the energy blessings of Lord Muruga to positively transform the lives of those present both materially as well as spiritually. Those present had the special opportunity of hearing Shri Rejith Kumar talk about the significance of the Light Body Activation and its benefits to humanity.

Shri Rejith Kumar passed the Light Body Activation energies to those present through the special blessings of Lord Muruga and Sri Ramalinga Swamigal (Vallalar Siddhar) through a lighted lamp. Lord Muruga’s divine presence could be powerfully felt throughout the event.

Shri Rejith Kumar blessed everyone with Thiruneer and gave them a special picture of Lord Pazhani Muruga – the guiding divine force of the LMRK Mission.

A special note of appreciation to the Bangalore Ground Force Team for organizing the event in an efficient and seamless manner. Those who attended the event online and in person left it feeling fully charged by the divine blessings they had received.

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Written by: Mrs.Sowmya Nikhil

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