Shri Rejith Kumar was honoured by Sri Gopal Menaria, Founder of Aastha Gurukul with a flower garland, before he was warmly welcomed inside the pooja venue to the rhythmic beats of the dhol (drums), blowing of conches, and showering of flower petals amidst much fanfare by the ashramites.

Lord Palani Muruga looked resplendent adorned with flower garlands of various hues. The photo of Lord Shiva as an Aghori with Divine Mother Sulochana, a picture of Vallalar Siddhar, and the LMRK flag were placed near Lord Palani Muruga’s idol at the LMRK flag post. The pooja altar was decorated with colourful flowers. Baskets of fruits and sweet offerings had been kept ready for the pooja. The Sengol and Vel of Lord Palani Muruga were placed next to Him – it indeed made everyone reflect that Lord Muruga – the King of Kings who once ruled Kumari Kandam was also the one to direct the Pooja events that were to take place that day.

It was a wonderful gathering of LMRK members from Bharat and other parts of the world like the USA, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, and Europe to mention some. Aastha Gurukul was filled with devotees eagerly anticipating for the program to begin. It is significant to note that Taoist Master Cham and his team of members from Singapore had come to grace this auspicious occasion with their august presence. Aastha Gurukul had invited devotees from Ujjain to participate in the Muruga Homam and Muruga Aarthi. They graced the occasion with their presence and were looking at the things unfolding that evening with open-minded curiosity and devotion.

Muruga Homam

Shri Rejith Kumar took his place at the yagashala after warmly greeting all those who had come to attend the festivities. Shri Rejith Kumar lit the lamp and did archana of flowers to Lord Muruga, the LMRK Flag, and the Divya Shaktis of the LMRK mission – Vallalar Siddhar, Lord Shiva as an Aghori with Divine Mother Sulochana before starting the pooja festivities for the evening.

The young ashramites started chanting Vedic mantras and praises to Lord Ganesha, Lord Mahakaleshwar, the Kul Devata and Grama devata of Ujjain, to our country Bharat, state Madhya Pradesh and the sacred place Ujjain where the homam (sacred fire ceremony) was being held. Shri Rejith Kumar Founder of LMRK under whose leadership the festivities were held; paid his obeisance to Lord Muruga by offering ghee into the sacred fire along with other priests amidst prayers and praises chanted in honour of Lord Muruga (Karthikeya).

Shri Rejith Kumar gave a wonderful and special opportunity for LMRK Members to come forward and make their sankalpam as they offered ghee into the sacred fire of the homam. It is significant to know Taoist Master Cham and his team from Singapore participated in this auspicious Muruga Homam. Shri Rejith Kumar cried out heart-felt aroharas in honour of Lord Muruga and informed those present that this was the first time a Muruga Pooja and Aarthi was taking place in Ujjain. Those present were in a blissful state after absorbing the divine vibrations from the Muruga Homam, that had just concluded. Little did they know, they were in for a spell-bounding experience during the Muruga Aarthi.

Muruga Aarthi

A team of men from Ujjain wearing red dhotis waved incense and then camphor-lit aarthis in obeisance to Lord Muruga. The mesmerising display of light from the aarthi – the resonant sounds of the dhol (drums), damaru (udukai), and cymbals (talam) seamlessly interspersed with the triumphant sounds from the conches. It lifted the minds of everyone present spiritually to another level.

The LMRK members joyously participated by fervently clapping their hands to the rhythmic beats of the udukai and cymbals. The flames of the aarthi seemed to sway in synchrony to the energetic beats belted out by the exuberant damaru and dhol players – a dance of their own in devotion to our beloved Lord Muruga.

It was indeed a delight to see Shri Rejith Kumar as well as Master Cham and his team members play the damaru, cymbals, and other musical instruments and happily participate during the Muruga Aarthi. Shri Rejith Kumar cried out heart-felt aroharas to Lord Palani Muruga in Tamil followed by jay-jaykars to Lord Mahakaleshwar. The aarthi concluded amidst the vibrant jay-jaykars to Lord Karthikeya (Muruga) by the local priests. Everyone was transported to a state of bliss from the continuous series of spiritually-charged uplifting moments of the Muruga-Aarthi.

Muruga Pooja performed by Shri Rejith Kumar

Shri Rejith Kumar then did aarthi to Lord Muruga, Vallalar Siddhar, Lord Shiva, Divine Mother Sulochana, and the LMRK flag. Shri Rejith Kumar showed the Aarthi to those present so that they may receive the blessings of the ever-compassionate Lord of Palani. He then concluded the Muruga Pooja by giving Thiruneer to those present.

This was followed by a cultural program performed by the Ma Harsiddhi Jagran group from Ujjain. This included religious musical discourses, a dance-drama on Lord Mahakaleshwar, and a beautiful dance recital on the famous Aigiri-Nandhini song. The cultural program that ended the festivities for that day was indeed a feast to the hearts of all those present. People left the venue spiritually charged with their minds eagerly looking forward to the Palani-Ujjain Karthikeya Maha Yagam that was to take place the next day.

Om Saravanabhavaya Namaha

Written by: Mrs.Sowmya Nikhil


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