Skandha Bharatha Maha Yagam @ Pazhani

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Date(s) - August 12, 2021 - August 15, 2021
12:00 am



A Prayer for World Peace Prosperity & Relief from Diseases

Muruga Peruman has come to take charge of the world’s affairs with the help of Siddhas. The Muruga Yugam began in 2013 and will extend for the next 2000 years. Lord Muruga has chosen Shri Rejith Kumar as His divine instrument to carry out his divine duties in the Muruga Yugam and prepared him spiritually to carry out specific duties for him from the year 2004 onwards.

Lord Muruga revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that his mission was to perform many duties required to usher in the Muruga Yugam and reveal the significance of the Tamil civilization and Kumari Kandam’s connection with Mars to the world. It is significant to know that Lord Muruga guided Shri Rejith Kumar to lead a normal householder’s life while performing divine duties for Him.

On 01-May-2017 the Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom Mission was started under the divine direction of Lord Muruga after doing special prayers in Pazhani, with its headquarters in Thrissur by its founder Shri Rejith Kumar who plays the role of a Captain and fosters brotherhood amongst the LMRK Members. The LMRK Mission carries out its activities in the Muruga Yugam only as per the divine direction of Lord Muruga to bring in more divine light and love in this world by carrying out various divine duties given to them by Lord Muruga through the LMRK Mission. It is significant to know that 1500 Kumari Kandam souls from more than 15 countries have joined the LMRK Mission in this regard.

The First Divine Duty was the Pradishta of the Vel and Holy Padukas of Lord Muruga on the Mayura Simhasanam at the Thanthondri Anjaneyar Temple in Wales, (UK) AT (Zero Time Zone) on (14-Nov-2018). As per the divine revelation of Lord Muruga to Shri Rejith Kumar Lord Muruga’s energies have begun to spread throughout the world and it signifies His reign on Earth. As per the divine revelation of Lord Muruga – Lord Nandi will be responsible for World Politics, Maha Avatar Babaji for World Peace, and Thirumoolar Siddhar for Protection against Corona Virus and other diseases.

The Second Divine Duty – the Pradishta of Lord Kulandhai Velayudha Swamy in Worb, Switzerland at (00:00) hours was completed on 12-April -2021 under the blessings and direction of Lord Muruga. As per the divine revelation, it will manifest many positive changes in the Global Monetary System and bring healing to the world.

The Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom (LMRK) (www.lionmayura.org) under the leadership of Shri Rejith Kumar, its Founder inaugurated its flag on its 4th anniversary i.e. 01-May-21 from its headquarters in Thrissur. The LMRK Flag has symbols relating to Kumari Kandam. These were finalized by Lord Muruga Himself when Shri Rejith Kumar kept the various symbols suggested by the LMRK Members in prayers. It has a representation of Kumari Kandam, above that is the Vel, and 10 Stars. Each star represents a unique divine energy connected to the LMRK Mission and from whom the LMRK Mission would receive its blessings. They are Muruga Peruman, Shiva Peruman, Aadhi Parasakthi, the Kumari Kandam Ancestors, Rishi Parampara such as Bogar Siddhar, Guru Babaji, and Pulipani Siddhar. The symbols in the flag are represented in golden colour to represent the return of the Golden Age. The Kumari Kandam period was considered to be a Golden Age and the world now is going to return to this Golden Age with the power of Muruga Peruman’s Vel.

The LMRK Flag comes with the blessings of the Kumari Kandam ancestors and under Muruga Peruman’s direction. As per Lord Muruga’s divine revelation – ‘Wherever Kumari Kandam souls are present in the world, they will connect and come forward to join under this Flag and this will become a powerful movement’.

Skandha Bharatha Maha Yagam – A Yagam directed by Lord Muruga

The LMRK Mission’s most recent divine duty as per the divine direction of Lord Muruga is the Skandha Bharatha Maha Yagam at Pazhani on the 15th of August 2021. The purpose of the yagam is for World peace, Prosperity, and Relief from diseases. All are welcome to take part in this historic moment through FREE Registration. The names of those who have registered will be kept in the sankalpam, they are requested to watch the live telecast of this auspicious yagam through LMRK’S Social Media and receive Lord Muruga’s blessings.

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