Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom

LION MAYURA OYAL KINGDOM is a mission started by Shri Rejith Kumar from Thrissur, Kerala, to fulfill the duties given by Muruga Peruman. He has been receiving direct messages from Lord Muruga through prayers and meditation. He has been directed to perform several duties related to the New Muruga Yugam; which is closely connected to Kumari Kandam and Mars.

‘Lion’ refers to Lord Lakshmi Narshimar – the Lord of planet Mars and ‘Mayura’ refers to Muruga Peruman who is the Lord of Kumari Kandam.

Muruga Peruman instructed Shri Rejith Kumar to establish a global organisation called “Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom”. It was started on the auspicious day of Sashti on the 1st of May 2017. and has its headquarters in Thrissur. The name was chosen by Muruga Peruman Himself and was revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar.

LMRK, through the grace of Muruga Peruman and the leadership of Shri Rejith Kumar has spread across many places around the world namely India, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Reunion Island, Singapore, Malaysia, Shri Lanka, Middle East, Burma, Norway, Russia, and Japan. It consists of more than 1,500 members globally and is rapidly growing every day through the divine grace of Muruga Peruman. People from all walks of life are feeling a resonance to the clarion call of our beloved Muruga Peruman and are joining LMRK, voluntarily to render their services.

Muruga Peruman has revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that individuals will join of their own accord, and will feel the pull towards LMRK by His Divine grace and those who work in the LMRK Mission will be under the direct protection of Lord Shiva.

Shri Rejith Kumar states, that he performs all his duties as directed by Muruga Peruman. In other words, it is Muruga Peruman Himself who will be at the helm of the LMRK Mission.

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