The Return of Kumari Kandam Energies on Earth – Part 1


Shri Rejith Kumar hailing from Thrissur, Kerala, was a young man who spent his life in the loving company of his close-knit family of his parents and a younger brother. His family however was struck by a tragedy in 1991 when Shri Rejith Kumar lost his father at the young age of 18. The intense angst he felt towards God turned him into an atheist. When he lost his younger brother, soon after, in 1995, it created an immense emotional upheaval in him. This time he was determined to find answers. When an astrologer told him that his prayers could have saved the life of his younger brother, it felt like a searing flame within him and tuned him once again towards the Divine. He by now had come to realise the presence of an invisible force playing a role in his life’s events and that it was to God to whom he should turn to understand the unexplainable.

His spiritual journey began at the age of 28 when Lord Muruga communicated to him in the form of light (Jyoti) through a dream and revealed that he would come under His direct divine protection at the age of 30.  As foretold, at the age of 30, Shri Rejith Kumar went through a life-changing experience. One night, as he was preparing to go to sleep, he suddenly found he could not move his limbs or open his eyes though he was completely aware of all that was happening around him – a condition similar to sleep paralysis. He became aware of a sweet-smelling fragrance wafting towards him and felt the presence of someone standing near him. He soon became aware of a beautiful young child standing next to his bed and smiling benevolently at him. It was Lord Muruga in His divine Bala Dhandayudhapani form wearing the Rudraksha, holding a small dhandam (staff) in his hand, with his forehead smeared with holy ash. Lord Muruga asked him not to be perturbed and revealed to him that He was Arumuga and gave him a mantra upadesam by whispering it in his ear thrice. Shri Rejith Kumar felt his mouth move of its own volition, repeating the mantra. Lord Muruga revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that his mission was to perform many duties required to usher in the Muruga Yugam and reveal the significance of the Tamil civilization and Kumari Kandam’s connection with Mars to the world. It is significant to know that Lord Muruga guided Shri Rejith Kumar to lead a normal householder’s life while performing divine duties for Him. Shri Rejith Kumar’s body normalised after a while and he wondered if it was all just a dream. This mystical experience created a deep change in him spiritually and led him on many journeys under the guidance of Lord Muruga.

YEARS 2004 – 2016

He was guided through visions from 2004 onwards. One of his most significant visions was in 2005 at the age of 32 when Lord Muruga showed him where the Bogar Samadhi and the Second Navapashana Moorthy of Lord Muruga were located and was directed to come to Pazhani for prayers. Shri Rejith Kumar shares that he met the Pazhani temple authorities regarding the divine insights received and after verifying his claim to their satisfaction they permitted him to meditate in front of Lord Dhandayuthapani’s main sanctum in Pazhani. Shi Rejith Kumar meditated and spent time at the Pazhani temple for 18 days as directed by Lord Muruga. He was permitted by the temple authorities to witness all the abhiseghams performed for Lord Dhandayuthapani of Pazhani. It was a time he spent in deep connection with Lord Muruga and shares that he received several special energy blessings during this period.

He adds that these experiences prepared his mind for the spiritual journey he was to take. It was also the time he became aware of his spiritual master Bogar Siddhar, who after completing his mission in China under his Guru Kalanginathar’s instructions returned to India through Tibet. He also learned that Bogar Siddhar not only created the Navapashana Moorthy of Lord Dhandayuthapani but also consecrated and established the method of worship for Him. Bogar Siddhar had later taken Jeeva samadhi at the Pazhani temple and has continued to bless many souls worldwide in his astral form since then. It was also revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that the Second Navapashana Moorthy of Lord Dhandayudhapani would be the spiritual guiding force for the Muruga Yugam.

Shri Rejith Kumar was directed by Lord Muruga to meditate in places where his Guru Bogar Siddhar had once meditated such as Aivar Malai, Anjaneyar Malai, Parvatha Malai, Motta Malai, Nakshatra Kund, and the Kannivadi Hills. He was directed by Lord Muruga to visit several spiritual places to receive the special energies of the Pancha Bhootha (five elements), Swastika Energy, Mother Tao Energy, Sapta Rishi Mandalam (Big Dipper) Energy, and the Kartika (Karthigai) Star constellation or (Pleiadian) Energy as these would be beneficial in performing his future duties.

On an auspicious Sashti Day in December 2012, Shri Rejith Kumar had a profound experience, while standing near the entrance of his home. An ethereal voice seemed to emanate from within him which said ‘Lord Muruga would be arriving in Raja Kola Alankaram!’ (Lord Muruga would be appearing in Kingly attire). He felt an invisible force push his chin upwards towards the sky and had a glorious darshan of Lord Muruga in the form of light. This vision received by Shri Rejith Kumar foretold a very significant energy shift in human history as it was indicative of Lord Muruga being at the helm of the world’s affairs for the next 2,000 years with the help of the Siddhas. Shri Rejith Kumar refers to this period as the ‘Muruga Yugam’. It is significant to know that Lord Muruga has appointed Lord Nandi for World Politics, Maha Avatar Babaji for World Peace, and Thirumoolar Siddhar for protection against Corona and other diseases in the Muruga Yugam. It was further revealed to him that the Kartika or Pleiadian Energy that had once flowed during the First Tamil Sangam period has returned to flow once again in the New Muruga Yugam since 2013. This would help in the transformation of Mother Earth as it once existed in the ancient Kumari Kandam period. After this significant divine experience, Lord Muruga began to appear to Shri Rejith Kumar in the form of light  to communicate with him.


As per the divine revelations given by Lord Muruga to Shri Rejith KumarLord Muruga lived on Earth as a King during thperiod of Kumari Kandam and the ancientof Kumari Kandam considered Him to be their Lord and forefather. 

Lord Muruga has revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that  the  ancients of Kumari Kandam foresaw the deluge, which eventually submerged the continent.

To protect their esoteric wisdom, they secured it safely in many parts of the world before the deluge tooplace. Lord Muruga has revealed that the people of Kumari Kandam and Mars were once in contact with one another and describes threlationship between KumarKandam anMars to that of ShivaShakthi energies or the Yin and Yang energies. The two energies are perfect complements of onanother anhelin balancinthUniverse.

The revival of these energies in the New Muruga Yugam will help in restoring our Mother Earth to Her former glory.

Our Earth has both an astral as well as a physical body. Shri Rejith Kumar was directed by Lord Muruga to make energy transformations to the planet’s astral plane so that it may manifest positive physical changes in the future. Shri Rejith Kumar received many divine insights and blessings from Siddhas like Agasthiyar, Bogar Siddhar, Yacub Siddhar (Rama Devar), and Maha Avatar Babaji. He was directed by Lord Muruga to travel to many energy points and perform special prayers to release specific energies essential for Muruga Yugam and also reveal their spiritual significance to the world. Some of these places include –  The Mac Ritchie Reservoir (Singapore), Batu Cave (Malaysia), Blue Mountains and Lion Island (Australia), Silbury Hills and Dragon Hills (UK), Plaine des Sables and Piton de la Fournaise (Reunion Island), Khamrin Khiid (Mongolia), China, Russia, Tiger’s Nest Monastery (Bhutan), Pura Besakih Temple (Bali), Fushimi Inari Temple (Japan), Thailand, Kathirkamam (Sri Lanka), Aivar Malai, Anjaneyar Malai, Kannivadi Hills, Poombarai, and Ujjain (India).

Shri Rejith Kumar was directed by Lord Muruga to share his spiritual journey only in 2015 and till then had carried out the divine duties assigned to him incognito. It was at this time Vendhar Channel had approached him and the world came to know about his spiritual journey through their ‘Moondravathu Kann’ ProgramHe has been interviewed since then through many media channels both internationally as well as in India such as the Australian Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (ATBC) Radio Channel and Thayagam Radio Channel, and Inbathamil Olli Radio Station (Australia), Vanakkam TV and Karthigai FM (Canada), European Tamil Radio (Germany), Lokvani Digital Channel (USA), Dharma Broadcasting Channel (Malaysia), Tamerica TV (USA),  NRI Tamil (USA) Channel, IBC Tamil Channel (Europe), Metro Peep Channel, Sankara TV, Tatwamayi TV, and Siddhar Bhoomi Digital Media Channels (India).

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