The Divine Flag of Lord Muruga’s Mission on Earth

In response to the earnest call of humanity who collectively sought peace and yearned to live as per Sanathana Dharma, the divine in the form of Lord Muruga has answered their prayers. Lord Muruga’s yuga also known as the ‘Muruga Yugam’ began in 2013 and will last for the next 2,000 years. It will be a yuga where Lord Muruga with the help of Siddhas will govern the world and restore Sanathana Dharma all across the world.

As a precursor in 2002, Lord Muruga appeared to Shri Rejith Kumar from Thrissur, India in the form of light (Jyothi) and chose him as His divine instrument and revealed that he would come under His divine protection at the age of 30. As foretold, Shri Rejith Kumar went through a life-changing experience when Lord Muruga appeared to him as a young child in the Bala Dhandayuthapani form and gave him the mantra upadesam. Lord Muruga revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that his mission was to perform many duties required to usher in the Muruga Yugam and reveal the significance of the Tamil civilization and Kumari Kandam’s connection with Mars to the world.

Shri Rejith Kumar was directed by Lord Muruga in 2017, to start a mission called the ‘Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom’ or (LMRK) (www.lionmayura.org). It is to serve as a global platform to carry out the divine duties assigned by Lord Muruga in the Muruga Yugam. The name of the mission was given to Shri Rejith Kumar by Lord Muruga Himself. ‘Lion’ represents ‘Lord Lakshmi Narsimhar’ (Lord of Mars) and ‘Mayura’ represents ‘Lord Muruga’ (Lord of Kumari Kandam). It is significant to know that Lord Muruga revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that ancient Kumari Kandam souls who were carriers of the ‘Karthigai’ energies would now be awakened to come forth and join the LMRK Mission and perform the divine duties given by Him.

Lord Muruga directed Shri Rejith Kumar to create and inaugurate a divine flag under His divine direction that would become a powerful means of drawing Kumari Kandam souls to the mission and help in spreading His divine energies worldwide. It is significant to know that the symbols chosen by the LMRK Members were kept in prayer to Lord Muruga by Shri Rejith Kumar and it was finalized under His divine direction.

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