Shri Rejith Kumar’s Role in the Shift of Consciousness on Earth

Muruga Peruman has come to take charge of the world’s affairs with the help of Siddhas. The Muruga Yugam began in 2013 and will extend for the next 2000 years. Lord Muruga has chosen Shri Rejith Kumar as His divine instrument to carry out his divine duties in the Muruga Yugam and has prepared him spiritually to carry out specific duties from the year 2004 onwards.

Lord Muruga revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that his mission was to perform many duties required to usher in the Muruga Yugam and reveal the significance of the Tamil civilization and Kumari Kandam’s connection with Mars to the world. It is significant to know that Lord Muruga guided Shri Rejith Kumar to lead a normal householder’s life while performing divine duties for Him.

On 01-May-2017 Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom Mission (LMRK) was started under the divine direction of Lord Muruga after doing special prayers in Pazhani, with its headquarters in Thrissur by its founder Shri Rejith Kumar who plays the role of a captain and fosters brotherhood amongst the LMRK Members. The LMRK Mission carries out its activities in the Muruga Yugam only as per the divine direction of Lord Muruga to bring in more divine light and love in this world by carrying out various divine duties given to them by Lord Muruga through the LMRK Mission. It is significant to know that many Kumari Kandam souls who carry the ‘Karthigai’ energies from more than 15 countries have joined the LMRK Mission in this regard.

Shri Rejith Kumar and the LMRK Mission have been carrying out divine duties as directed by Muruga Peruman to usher in the necessary energies for establishment of Muruga Yugam. Lord Muruga has further revealed that Sri Ramalinga Swamigal, Adi Sankaracharya and Maharaja Vikramaditya would be guiding the LMRK mission in its future duties.

How is Sri Ramalinga Swamigal connected with the LMRK Mission?

Shri Rejith Kumar was directed by Lord Muruga to visit places where Sri Ramalinga Swamigal used to live and visit to receive his blessings on Thaipoosam day (28-Jan-2021).

Shri Rejith Kumar visited Chennai and spent time in prayer and meditation to seek Sri Ramalinga Swamigal’s blessings. The places he visited were i) Sri Ramalinga Swamigal’s residence at Seven Wells where the great saint lived and had the darshan of Lord Muruga on his mirror as a young boy, ii) Ramalinga Swamigal Mutt in Thiruvottiyur where the sacred mirror is being currently kept, and iii) Thiyagaraja Swami Temple, Thiruvottiyur. Shri Rejith Kumar shared that he had received the saint’s blessings during his visit to Chennai. It was further revealed to him by Lord Muruga that Sri Ramalinga Swamigal will guide and support the LMRK Mission in its future duties

Why is Light Body Activation necessary now?

We incarnated from the Source of limitless Love and Light.  The Atma (individual soul) is an indivisible aspect of the Paramatma (Supreme Soul). The Atma incarnates on Earth in a physical body and is encompassed by Maya when it enters the Earth’s sphere. After living many lifetimes in duality through divine grace it starts seeking a way to return to the Source.

A person passes through 3 stages – i) Normal Stage, ii) Spiritual Stage, and iii) Mukthi Stage. A normal person has many attachments and karmas to transcend and for him or her to attain Mukthi is difficult. The Siddhas have outlined many ways of attaining Mukthi through the transformation of their physical bodies to light bodies stage by stage. Through this purification process, we will be able to drop the impurities like Karma, Maya, and Ahankar (Ego) which act as barriers and with Divine grace transform the karmic-laden physical body into a light body. It is only through the Light body can one fully merge with the Divine and attain the ‘Shunyatha State’ or ‘Zero-State’ and progress towards Self-Realisation.

Once a person attains a light body they can receive divine communication, they can merge with the divine light and work even after shedding their physical bodies through their light bodies. God is nothing but ‘Jyoti’ (Divine Light). Those who have attained this light body state can merge with the divine light completely and become conduits of pure divine consciousness. This is considered a big milestone in one’s spiritual path. Konganar Siddhar in Tirupathi and Bogar Siddhar in Pazhani can be cited as examples of spiritual masters who after attaining Jeeva Samadhi, continue to work powerfully in today’s world through their light bodies to help many souls. They can transcend both time, space, and distance through their light bodies to carry out their divine duties.

The Light Body Activation Process led by Shri Rejith Kumar aims to do just that. Sounds extraordinary? How is it possible?

Lord Muruga in His Divine Compassion has made it possible to facilitate the light body activation process through a live event open to the world at large. It has been revealed by Lord Muruga to Shri Rejith Kumar that Sri Ramalinga Swamigal would support him in this divine task.

Shri Rejith Kumar has been taught a special meditation technique by Lord Muruga through which he would be able to invoke the necessary divine energies and facilitate the Light Body Activation Process. Shri Rejith Kumar has requested all those who are participating in the live event to keep photos of Lord Muruga and Sri Ramalinga Swamigal and offer their prayers to them before a lighted lamp. They would be able to witness Shri Rejith Kumar doing the prayers through a live telecast from his pooja room at Thrissur.

He would pass the divine energies invoked during the meditation to a lighted lamp. It would then be transferred from there; to the lighted lamps of those who are praying along with him during the live event and from the lighted lamp in their pooja room (worship place) to their bodies. It must be understood that the transformation would occur gradually over time based on the individual’s level of spiritual awareness. This event would be held periodically when possible. This live event is open for all faiths, nationalities and age groups without any kind of restriction. Kindly note that the registration is FREE. The Light Body Activation session is to be held on 17-10-21.

Benefits: Lord Muruga has further revealed that this would increase the memory power in students for their studies and improve the decision making ability of business people and reduce the tension of those who do heavy work.

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