Significance of Kumari Kandam in the new Muruga Yugam

Kumari Kandam was a Supercontinent that comprised of a vast landmass connecting the Australia, Asia, and African continents. The people of Kumari Kandam were the ancient Tamils who lived many thousands of years ago. Tamil History mentions the lost continent ‘Kumari Kandam’ and talks greatly about the flourishing culture and tradition. The words “Kumari Kandam” first appear in Kantha Puranam, a Tamil version of the Skanda Purana, written by Sri Kachiappa Sivachariyar. The Andakosappadalam section of Kantha Puranam describes the following cosmological model of the universe: There are many worlds, each having several continents, which in turn, have several kingdoms.

King Bharat, the ruler of one such kingdom, had eight sons and one daughter. He further divided his kingdom into nine parts, and the part ruled by his daughter Kumari came to be known as Kumari Kandam after her. Kumari Kandam is described as ‘The kingdom of Earth’. They claimed Kumari Kandam as the cradle of civilization to prove the antiquity of the Tamil language and culture. The 7th century CE commentary written by Nakkīrar for the Tamil literary work Iraiyanar Akapporul gives information about three Tamil Sangams which existed during the Kumari Kandam period.

These assemblies consisted of Tamil scholars and Poets who did research on Tamil language and created literary works. Sangam period literature spans about 10,000 years and this was presided by Lord Muruga Himself. According to Shri Rejith Kumar, Lord Muruga lived during the period of Kumari Kandam and the ancients of Kumari Kandam considered Him both as God as well as a forefather. He further affirms that it would be correct to assume both of Him.

Lord Muruga has revealed to Shri Rejith Kumar that the ancients of Kumari Kandam foresaw the deluge, which eventually submerged the continent. To protect their esoteric wisdom, they secured it safely in many parts of the world before the deluge took place. Lord Muruga has revealed that the people of Kumari Kandam and Mars were in contact during the Kumari Kandam period. He describes the relationship between Kumari Kandam and Mars to that of Shiva-Shakthi energies or the Yin and Yang energies. The two energies are perfect complements of one another and helped in balancing of the universe. The revival of these energies in the New Muruga Yugam will help in the restoring of our Mother Earth to her former glory.

As per Lord Muruga’s divine revelation to Shri Rejith Kumar, the Secrets of Kumari Kandam will be revealed to the world and Tamil culture will once rise to fame. Tamil started in Kumari Kandam and the world will once again realize the advanced knowledge of Tamil Culture and the power of Siddha Science. The worship of Lord Muruga would spread all over the world. That time has started now!

Lord Muruga has revealed that the revival of Kumari Kandam wisdom will be crucial to the New Muruga Yugam. For this very purpose, He has chosen Shri Rejith as his Divine instrument to spread awareness of these esoteric truths through LMRK.

Lord Muruga’s blessings and protection are with LMRK, and with His divine direction the wisdom of the Kumari Kandam will be once again restored.

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